Bergdahl and 5 worst Taliban trade rant…

I am copying and pasting this from my other blog as it is political and I wrote it as one whole paragraph at the time.  I will correct that here and add emphasis but the words will be the same.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ok, so I’m gonna get up on a soapbox… get ready… a political soapbox.
I don’t care if you voted for Obama the first time, the second time, or both times. Obama has disintegrated this country’s perspective of other nations, he considers himself outside of any laws or obligations to Congress as he has gotten most of ‘his way’ through abusing the use of the Executive Order!
Right now, Iraq is falling to people worse than Al Qaida and the Taliban and HE SET FREE 5 of the top military leaders of Al Qaida! They are right back at what they were doing when we captured them. And he traded them for a deserter!
And he says of this ‘captive’ that he “served with honor and dignity” and we needed to do this to free the only captive. And here we have a true soldier that has served with honor and dignity sitting in a Mexican prison simply for getting in the wrong lane and ending up at the Mexican border. He was completely open and honest with them and they threw him in a nasty jail and now he sits in a prison – 2 months now and NOTHING from Obama.
Yet, our border patrol is being inundated by illegal immigrants due to Obama’s speech in 2012 and using his Executive Order powers with this “Dream Act” so the people and children have somehow made it across the Mexican border (on the South) and then crosses over the river and meets up with the border patrol. There are so many that they cannot take care of them, process them, or most importantly, keep the Cartel from bringing in illegal drugs! Just keep the border patrol busy changing diapers! Where is Obama now? Why hasn’t he enacted FEMA to bring needed supplies and most importantly, let FEMA take care of processing these illegal immigrants so the border patrol can get back to doing what they are there to do… protect our border from illegal immigrants and drug runners. They are costing us millions and millions of dollars. I say put them on a bus, with a Mexican driver, and have them make the same wrong lane mistake our soldier did and send these people back!!!
We already have an estimated 9 – 20 million illegal immigrants in this county! They are getting all of the social services like food stamps, AFDC, housing, and medical. (In some states, they can even vote, knowing they are illegal!) How? They are using fake names and in some cases they are using a relative’s information with or without that family member’s knowledge. Instead of paying out all of this money to sustain their cushy life here, ILLEGALLY, I would rather my tax dollars go to sending them back to their home country. I don’t care if they have been here for a long period of time and I really don’t care about the ‘anchor babies’ they have here. They have a choice when they are sent back… either take the child with you or leave it with legal family members or leave the child in the hands of social services. But that choice is the parent’s choice. That may seem cold-hearted but We, the People, are overburdened and over-taxed because of people that don’t even legally belong here in this country!
Well, while all this is going on, our so-called President was golfing and making a another speech. He learns of what’s going on by watching the news! I’m so sick and tired of this president being anywhere but where he belongs… in the White House! He is not president material, he’s a PR man and that’s how he’s been for both terms being elected by the electoral college because of powerful people behind the scenes. If you’ll remember, when he was being sworn in as a Senator (the first time in actual politics), the media kept saying “You are looking at our next president!” That stuck in my head. And four short months into his first term as a Senator, he was running against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic ticket! This man cannot make a speech without teleprompters. I have seen him in positions where he does’t have the answers being fed to him and he’s a hot mess.
I can tell you, I never voted for this man that is trying to tear apart what our forefathers left us. He is trying to make us a socialized country where we are all dependent on the government. That is NOT what the legacy of our forefathers left us. I end this blithering with… God help us all.
Copyright 2014

Edited/modified 2015


3 thoughts on “Bergdahl and 5 worst Taliban trade rant…

    • Thank you, Harley! I wrote that on my other blog as one paragraph so I must have been pretty upset and just pounded it out but I felt it deceived to be here on my political ‘soapbox’ and I made it a bit easier to read and made some emphasis that I didn’t make because I didn’t take the time when I first wrote it. All the words are the same, though. Thank you for reblogging it; I am very honored! Many blessed woofs to you, Harley!


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