Leading from behind

Obama, true to his 5.5 years of ‘nature’ is leading America from behind at a most critical time in history.  And I believe he is doing this on purpose.

We have thousands of illegal immigrants coming across both Mexican borders to get here.  As much as I sympathize with the stories I hear, I still say round them up and put them on the Homeland Busses and have them take the same wrong turn as Sgt. Tamhoreessi!  Drop them off in Mexico.  THEY let them cross their Southern border and their Northern border.  Try sneaking into Mexico and see what happens.  So why were all these so-called ‘children’ allowed to pass through?  Because Mexico is corrupt.  Just as is Central America.  And We, the People, send millions to each of these countries!!!  And that doesn’t count your tourism dollars!

He did nothing when ISIS/ISIL took over such a large portion of Syria.  He did nothing when ISIS/ISIL then went into Iraq and took over 1/3 of the country because he pulled our troops out too soon.  Now the worst of the terrorists have created their Caliphate.

Iran has now become a nuclear powered country and is ready to align with ISIS/ISIL because they all HATE America.

Israel is defending itself from more terrorists, the Hamas, as they use their own children and women as human shields.  Weapons have been found inside the Palestinian schools and hospitals.  Hamas are cowards to hide behind children.  Israel has every right to defend themselves and they are doing the best they can to protect the innocent of the Palestinians.  Its the Hamas that uses them as human shields.

Putin and his so-called rebels have taken Crimea and then have been attacking the Ukraine.

And to put the icing on the cake, Putin and his so-called rebels shoot down a Malaysian Airliner killing 298 innocent people with sophisticated ground to air missiles.

Then add insult to injury, the scene has been tampered with, contaminated, bodies have been left out in the hot sun for days, body parts, families will never know if they will get their loved ones back to bury them.  No one knows where they are being taken, but it is suspected to Russia.  The black boxes are amazingly missing.  The truth will never come out about this as Putin is Russia and he is USSR.

And what does our leader do?  Nothing…


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