Israel vs. Palestinestians

So another cease fire was ended by HAMAS, again.  This is so bad for the Palestinians.  The HAMAS is using the Palestinians as humans shield, the children, the women, their men. and when they are killed, they show them off to the news as how evil Israel is for killing innocent Palestinians.  But it is the HAMAS that is evil.  They force their way info a home and hid their rockets in their home.  These people know they have little chance of surviving as HAMAS will not protect them.

HAMAS put missiles in children’s classrooms and inside hospitals.  But its the Israelis that are evil for defending themselves.

If the Palestinians would take up arms against HAMAS and rid them from their lives, then they could live in peace.  HAMAS is a terrorist group.  To select them to lead them was a major mistake and now they are finding out how bad that mistake is as the HAMAS is using their children to protect themselves.

At what point will the Palestinians realize this?  Israel will continue to fight back against HAMAS and they try not to hurt innocents.  But they can’t help it if HAMAS is using them as human shields.

Israel has every right to defend itself.  And it should.


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