Vladamir Putin

Mr. Putin is looking to restore the USSR as he has already took back Crimea and is trying to take back the Ukraine.

What’s next?  Poland?

Our weak POTUS with his weak words of sanctions and hasn’t carried them out, Putin doesn’t take Obama seriously at all.  And why should he?  He has reduced the view of our American view across the world as he intended.

And now, at a time that we need to be bolstering our military, he is reducing it by sending PINK SLIPS to active combat Captains while in active duty.  This is anathema to how our veterans are treated anyway.

I wish to warn anyone who will take me seriously.  What you see happening overseas, will come to the U.S. and it won’t be just planes into the twin towers.  And a plane into the Pentagon.  And a plane diverted by some brave men into a field.

It will be nuclear and in multiple places and we will have no idea because we think we live in a bubble.  I’m here to tell you that we don’t.

When your POTUS tells you that he gets the news the same way you do, that’s a dereliction of duty as Commander-in-Chief because he should be getting intel; not news from MSNBC or CNN.

Putin doesn’t take our POTUS serious, I seriously doubt that the Central American leaders he met with took him seriously either as he has yet to visit any of the places where the Border Patrol are doing their best to take care of these illegal immigrants.  Has he sent FEMA?  I heard him say he did but I haven’t seen FEMA there helping so these people could get showers, and treatment, et al.

No one can take out POTUS seriously, so why would Putin?  Putin is singing “Back to the USSR”.  Just watch his stride,  He only moves his right arm.  He wants to be the superpower and he’s close to being it if someone doesn’t act, and act quickly!

God help us all!


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