There is so much truth in this blog. All it takes is communication between people… we may never meet face to face, but we can learn so much from each other if we will open our hearts and open our eyes to the world around us. It is much more than “me and mine” it encompasses so much more. Get involved by talking with each other and learning someone else’s perspective. We ALL have something to learn from each other. Glory be to God!

Arlin Report

When conversation picks up from a blog I initiated, I feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment, especially with comments from followers.  Dialogue on issues begin and are hashed out .   Disagreements are expected, understanding and respect are built from sharing thoughts and ideas from faces we never see and have never met.

I recently had a blogger friend ask if I knew how she and her husband could go about adopting a young teenage child, possibly an immigrant/ok I’ll say it refugee.   Another follower read the blog and responded with contact information of an agency/organization that may be of assistance.  Wow….how great is that.   Blogging can serve a wonderful purpose, when good people get involved; but you knew that.   Even if nothing becomes of it….the fact people are willing to share to help another, is a sign there is still hope for us as a nation…

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