This just goes along with what I was saying about how our vets are being treated… and I’m hardly done on the subject, by the way!

Arlin Report

Mug shot: Eddie Overholt was arrested for asking local politicians to speak more loudly during a town hall meeting

A 76-year-old veteran was arrested in Greenville, Tennessee for asking members at a town board meeting to speak up.   This apparent danger to society stated the board had assembled at a roped off table well in front of citizens in attendance to discuss a pipeline that would dump waste into a local river.   According to Overholt the board was speaking softly enough the audience could not hear.    After asking the board to speak up the veteran was charged with disorderly conduct.   He then ask to sit down as he was tired, but instead was cuffed and placed under arrest for resisting arrest.

The company that is asking for a permit to build the pipeline was rejected once before due to community opposition.   They are seeking another permit for this same line.

This little community, has its big government corruption of its own apparently.  …

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