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If you’ve noticed, my Gravatar is the Maltese cross with two axes and the cross has the American flag inside and says the wife of a firefighter.

Well, after 9/11, people finally had an appreciation for firefighters and paramedics as they saw firefighters going into a building that everyone was running out of.  There are more than the 343 lost firefighters since then due to the effects and the PTSD.  Paramedics had their hands full.   That was 13 years ago and America has all but forgotten it.  (Not to mention the law enforcement and the hospital workers.  The whole trickle down.  It didn’t only affect you as you watched the planes fly into those buildings.  And the families who lost loves one and had nothing to bury, nothing to confirm that their loved ones were confirmed dead.  There are those today that still aren’t sure but have to assume that is the case since their loved ones haven’t come home.   This affected everyone.)

My husband is a firefighter and one of the first paramedics for our City.  When he was hired he was overqualified as the EMS portion because the City was EMT-Basic and my husband was EMT-Intermediate.  He went through the 18 month course in 6 months, and in the midst of it, I had to have emergency gall bladder surgery and we had 2 small children.  It was a very difficult time for him juggling the kids, me in the hospital, and the classes, studying, etc. but he passed and has continued to be one of the first paramedics for our City for almost 26 yrs and has never taken a sick day once!  Not one sick day!  He was presented a beautiful mantel clock to commemorate his 25 years of service on the department.  He is now a Captain and that was very hard earned, but well deserved.

He has been working as a paramedic the whole 26 years and there are only 5 left of the original class.  Many dropped their paramedic licensure and just remain being firefighters and basic EMTs.  They meet the minimum requirements of the job.  It takes a lot to maintain your paramedic licensure, a lot of extra training, skills, etc. and investment of your time.  My husband just told me he was the last one accepted into that class and he will be the last one left of it in the next two years.  You cannot imagine my pride for my husband.

He gets so much flack from his ‘brethren’ in the department.  These 26 years have not been easy for him.  But yet he has prevailed.  I have done all I can to support him, encourage him, bolster him.

When 9/11 happened, he went to New York 3 times for funerals with other firefighters from his department, at their own expense.  It was, I think, a life-changing experience for him as well as for those he went with each time.  I know it has changed the way things are done now for firefighters.  Now they have to be concerned for a second incendiary device designed to kill the firefighters!  How horrible this world has become.

Our law enforcement are under fire, our firefighters/paramedics have to wear bulletproof vests in some areas around the country, these are people who are coming to “serve and protect” or that you have called because there was someone in need of medical help!

Come one people, where are your morals?  Where is your common sense?

This is one proud wife of her hero husband!


4 thoughts on “My Gravatar…

  1. Thank you for the words and wisdom that you have sent out. I am proud of the work that you have done to make me a better person and husband. I know that I do not say it often enough, but I will say it now in hopes that you finally see how proud I am to be called your loving husband. You have shaped my future through your guiding hands and I hope I can live up to the expression of love that you have for me and what I do.

    I am proud of you and the words that you have written. There is not a day that goes by that I do not remember the kernels of information that you have impart to me. I am proud to call you my wife and I am more proud that you have taken the time to show your love and pride in me in a public way.

    Keep the “home fire” burning and I hope to keep that “fire” that you have burning ever so brightly.

    Your loving husband…Danny

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    • Thank you, Danny! I am really surprised that you did read this. I didn’t get to give you a birthday present so I thought I would “shout from the roof tops” what a wonderful husband, friend, and hero that I have! And I know there are many, many more firefighter wives out there that feel the same way and maybe haven’t been able to put their feelings into words.

      Thank you for taking the time to read it and for the wonderful words as it is hard to type through the tears. You truly are my hero!

      Love you with all I am,


    • Arlin, thank you for your very kind words! I’d like to think so. He doesn’t get into all this blogging so he doesn’t know what I’ve written about him. I have tried, but tomorrow he’s on duty so maybe I can send him the link and he’ll take a peek at it when I’m not looking! I could be a stinker and send it to some of his Firefighter friends! LOL

      Thanks again, true to your nature, for your very kind words! I appreciate them very much!

      Abundant blessings,


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