Jesse Ventura | Navy SEALs

Jesse Ventura | Navy SEALs.


Markus Lutrell Jesse Ventura Suing WivesJesse THE BODY Ventura WWF

Mike Jesse Ventura sueing widow  Ron Hamletts photo of Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura was suing for defamation of character. His name was not even in the book. Kyle was being interviewed and someone on the phone asked if it was Ventura and he acknowledged that it was. Ventura defamed what little character he had left by finishing this lawsuit. He is so proud of himself. The former WWF Jesse ‘THE BODY’ Ventura didn’t have the mat to fall on when Kyle pushed him and Ventura fell back. How much had Ventura had to drink? His big mouth said, “The SEALS could afford to lose a few.” I double dog dare him to show up to any SEAL event! He is a phony, always has been, and apparently always will be. How the people of Minnesota would have elected this idiot as Governor is beyond me. What a sorry excuse for a man.

The link above is taken straight from the Navy SEALS website regarding Jesse Ventura.  It is only factual regarding his military career.  He was part of the predecessors of what we now know as the SEALS.  You can click the link to see for yourself.

His service to our nation is blighted by what he did to Chris Kyle’s widow and her children.  What else is there to say?  He’s defamed his own name far more than any comment in a book that doesn’t name him but the people that heard him on Glenn Beck’s radio show heard that it was.  And Kyle shoved him, he didn’t punch him.  I guess Ventura was expecting a WWF mat to be behind him as the wrestlers all talk trash to one another to make money.  Boo hoo, Jesse.  How much did you have to drink before you had the gall to make that statement “The SEALS could stand to lose a few.”????  In a bar full of Navy SEALS, I think that was the most asinine thing you could have said and not expect some type of reaction!  You were looking for a fight, so you could sue someone.

Shame on you for continuing on with the lawsuit once Chris Kyle was killed.  You should have shown some decency and dropped the suit against Kyle which now became his estate.  So now you think you’ll get your $1.8M?  Not if his widow has to file bankruptcy.  But I hope she files for an appeal and that real people hear the case and that YOU will have to pay HER $1.8M after all, you should have amassed quite a fortune with your WWF wrestling career and your political career.

I don’t say this often, but you are a sorry excuse of a human being, Jesse “THE BODY” Ventura.  So sorry…



I KNEW his name was not Jesse Ventura until he became a wrestler because he said he chose Ventura from the map of California.  Below is from Wikipedia.

James George Janos[3] (born July 15, 1951[1][2]), better known by his stage name, Jesse Ventura, is an American former professional wrestler, color commentator, actor, author, TV host, podcaster, naval veteran, and politician.

This just in… article by another SEAL Brandon Webb.
There are so many more… just surf around… not to many see him as a hero anymore and some even have petitioned to have him removed from the UDT/SEALs for his actions!

Jesse Ventura served during the Vietnam War and I don’t like to speak against Vietnam Vets but this man has discredited his service by what he’s done.

Now he is defaming Kyle’s name, should Taya sue him?  She has too much class for that!


Credit for photos:

Markus Lutrell “I Sue Wives…”

Mike “I Don’t always sue…”

Jesse “THE BODY” Venture WWF Wrestler

I don’t know who to credit for the scraggly looking former Gov. of Minnesota

The link above is to the Navy SEALS website to see Mr. Ventura’s military career


2 thoughts on “Jesse Ventura | Navy SEALs

  1. I never could figure out how he got elected govenor either, accept that too many people put too much importance on celebrities of any kind. I did watch his show “Conspiracy Theory” and found it pretty interesting. However, he showed his true colors (yellow for coward, and green for envy and black hearted) when he sued a widow. He is a disgusting human being and has defamed himself more than anyone else could have.

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    • Very well said. AMEN! Good doggie! Cookie please?

      I have no idea about Conspiracy Theory and if he had anything to do with it, I would second guess it now, knowing that he is a man without character. He himself created his own defamation of character more than whatever could have been done by Chris Kyle. And his name wasn’t even it the book. I misspoke when I said it was Bill O’Reilly… It was on Glenn Beck when someone called in and asked if it was Ventura and Kyle said yes. Beck has a fund that no one can touch for the children and the widow as he feels somewhat responsible but he also feels that Ventura has gone off a cliff in this. If he had any character, he would have said, ok, I won, but I will return the money award back to his widow and children. THAT would have been a man of real character. When asked what he was going to do with the money, he said, “Pay my attorneys.” I think the widow should file bankruptcy and he will get zero dollars as she likely doesn’t have $1.8M just sitting in her checkbook.

      I rarely say this but was a sorry excuse for a human being.

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