Redacted Paperwork from 9/11

Glenn Beck is speaking with Rep. Massie regarding this report.  There were numerous times that Bill Clinton could have taken Bin Laden out but didn’t.  Gotta wonder…  gotta watch.  I now that Rep. Massie has to be careful about what he says and how he answers questions.  Let’s see what is said!  I haven’t watched it yet either so let’s watch it together!

Redacted pages from 9/11 report Glenn Beck & Rep. Massie


8 thoughts on “Redacted Paperwork from 9/11

  1. Reblogged this on Arlin Report and commented:
    I believe I must reblog this article a friend wrote. Not because she is a friend, but because I am obligated to help spread the message regarding information our government keeps from us, otherwise I become part of the problem, America you need to view the video……

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  2. Hey, I watched the video….and it just further disgusts me what our government keeps from us. There was a time where we didn’t need to know everything, as some actions need to be taken in silence, but it was always for security purposes. Today, however that which is kept from us is damaging us not to protecting us. I have recently heard and seen videos of the Towers being attacked, and it was clear that some videos from then were doctored. I believe there are facts of 9/11 that have been kept from us. That is only to hide guilt. When the government hides information from us today, it is to keep us from revolting when we discover truth. There is evidence of the Kennedy assassination that has been vaulted up, not to be opened until around 2030 or later. They don’t want us to know the truth. That could only be because the government is involved.
    Sweetie you have stirred me up. I feel an article coming on.

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    • Arlin,
      I have to agree with you. I watch the news and am appalled at how much information is given to us (and our enemy) when there was a time that none of that was given to us until AFTER the fact as to have protected our servicemen/women and their positions, et al. Good grief, the last time, during the Iraq “invasion” there were imbedded journalists and Jeraldo Rivera gave away their location on National News! If you are going to have journalists imbedded in with the military, then they can write, not broadcast! That is among so many of Jeraldo Rivera’s ‘mistakes’ in his long ‘career’ as a news journalist (so-called).

      So shout this from the roof tops! Thank you for reblogging this! People need to know!


      • Funny you should mention Rivera. My son was in Afghanistan, was on a mission in the mountains when Rivera left a map of their location in the snow. My son was a Staff Sgt. at the time. His commander wanted to shoot Rivera as a trader on the spot.

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        • Arlin, I am so sorry that your son had to even deal with that clown of a journalist. He risked our troops so many times and I don’t blame his Commander for wanting to shoot him as a traitor! He was acting like one! He violated the agreement of being imbedded journalists which I think was a bad idea in the first place. But for him to do it more than once, he should have been tried for treason!


    • Arlin,
      I forgot to say that the first order that Lyndon B. Johnson did as the new president after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was to seal all document related to his death until the third generation of his family passed away. That was, first, to protect his widow and his son, second to protect the government.

      I am glad I have you stirred up! I look forward to your article!


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