ISIS Beheading Children and parents for being Christians

There are 40,000 Christians that fled to the mountains and are without food and water and have buried their children under rocks when they die because the moms can’t make milk for dehydration. THIS IS WRONG! Our POTUS is a wimp and should be dropping humanitarian aid ASAP to those in the mountains! Then our fighter jets should annihilate ISIS/ISIL and every other terrorist group, HAMAS, Boka Harem, Al Qeada, Czar Putin, et al… enough is enough. Iran is nuked up and ready to align itself with the Caliphate. On top of all of this is ebola virus killing people because of their burial practices. It is spreading because of it. Now three countries are considered included in the pandemic. All of this to distract us from our own border crisis. Our POTUS had done NOTHING and will do nothing. He’s got roughly 2 years and he’s free as a bird… and I mean free and I hear Michelle will be divorcing him as well. Unfortunately for him, those that supported him from behind the scenes, will expose him for what he really is and the wall will come crashing down. He has aligned this country with the Musilm Brotherhood which is connected to all of the terrorist groups mentioned.

Pray for Israel. Pray for peace. Pray for wisdom as this WILL come to the U.S. and thank God for what you have.

And may America bless God!


I can’t find a way to post the video so just click the link.  Be sure to have a tissue and you will find it so incomprehensibly hard to believe what you are hearing yet it is the truth.  Take the few moments to watch the interview… it’s worth your time.


2 thoughts on “ISIS Beheading Children and parents for being Christians

  1. I am disgusted by the lack of response from the US government. When those high school girls were taken by Boko haram, even our first Lady got involved (reference the hash tag campaign). When Christians are raped and beheaded, they could care less.

    This is not the America I fought for. This is some diseased 2nd cousin maybe…

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