Illegal Immigration And The Scary Facts

I love that this man has all the statistics that I have to reblog his work!  Thank you, Basharr, for your blog so that I could reblog it and I hope that others have and it keeps on going until everyone KNOWS and then contacts their representatives and demands that they CLOSE OUR BORDERS and make us a sovereign country and keep us safe!

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Here it is folks it did not take much looking and after you read this you will wonder what is wrong with anybody who does not want to see our borders secured and a mass deportation of ILLEGAL ALIENS/


“Unfortunately, the large of illegal aliens who are here are engaged in criminal activity. Identity theft, use of fraudulent social security numbers and green cards, tax evasion, driving without licenses represent some of the crimes that are engaged in by the majority of illegal aliens on a daily basis merely to maintain and hide their illegal status.

In addition, violent crime and drug distribution and possession is also prevalent among illegal aliens. Over 25% of today’s federal prison population are illegal aliens. In some areas of the country, 12% of felonies, 25% of burglaries and 34% of thefts are committed by illegal aliens.”

Ignoring the “minor crime” such as ID theft…

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2 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration And The Scary Facts

  1. All countries have borders and laws… the stupidity of Liberalism, which politically benefits Democrats, says that America can have no laws. Simply, Dems are looking for gov. dependent voters and do not care about Americans at all. These are very grave times for the future of America.

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