West: “Obama a danger to the United States who is devoid of character, integrity, and courage”

Better said than I could put it! Lt. Col. Allen West is an upright, honorable black man unlike our POTUS who is dishonorable, lying, hiding, half black and half Caucasian yet draws out the Race Card when the heat gets turned up. Him and AG Eric Holder, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton are all guilty of treason, IMO.

Right Punditry

westAllen West Goes on Epic Rant Against Obama… It’s Going Viral
August 16, 2014

“West has called Obama a danger to the United States who is devoid of character, integrity, and courage. He’s also called the president a disgrace and, more than once, accused him of treason. In fact, the former Florida representative says that both the Affordable Care Act and the current crisis of illegal immigration were orchestrated by Obama to undermine America’s foundational freedoms.

Now, reacting to news of the massacre of 90 Iraqis by the barbaric terrorists of the Islamic State, West says Obama is an “inhumane coward.” here

Congressman West is a man of courage and integrity…. and most likely why he lost his election in Florida.  Too many people avoid those with political character, willing to ‘speak truth’ to power.   They’re too fearful of the consequences.  But the facts also remain that at commie poster workersleast…

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