WSJ’s Riley Unloads On Obama, Sharpton, Media Over Ferguson | The Daily Caller


Apparently you’ll have to click on the link to go to the page to watch the video if you want the background.   I cannot seem to make it play here for you, forgive me.  At any rate, I hope you take the time and that you find your way through this mess regardless of our color.  There is one race ~ the human race.

There is a conversation going after this video and one man answered another with what I called a very well written response and I asked for his permission to post it on my blog to which he said he was flattered and that I was able to do with it what I saw fit. So here it is… understand that there had been and back and forth between these two men but the one I am pasting below gave the best answers each time, IMO.

“This crowd” are those unwilling, no matter the amount of opportunity and assistance, to assimilate peacefully rather than colonize violently. They are those who repeatedly demand a hand out rather than a hand up. They are those who time and time again show an utter disdain for personal responsibility, voluntary cooperation, and self reliance in any meaningful way. They are those who perennially demand that ability be subordinated to need, THEIR need, in perpetuity. And they are those who cast aspersions on others who have managed to lift themselves from poverty and given their own progeny the possibility of a brighter future. They are forever victims, forever childish in adhering to the siren song of those who would keep them forever dependent, forever helpless and hopeless.

That is “this crowd.”

Education, of course, is the answer, and in this area, for over 50+ years now, this country has been saturated with opportunity and resources; we have poured more money and resources into public education than all other nations on the planet since man formed communities. But education is a two-way street; those receiving it must being willing to meet half-way those providing it. “This crowd” isn’t holding up their end of the bargain.

3 thoughts on “WSJ’s Riley Unloads On Obama, Sharpton, Media Over Ferguson | The Daily Caller

  1. One must ask: When Sharptons has great opportunities to “… tap down some of the animosity that’s going on … Maybe … use this for good … Maybe … use this to open a dialog about what’s going on in Detroit and Chicago and New Orleans and Washington, D.C.; some of the most violent cities in the world”, why would he, instead, choose to continue “revving … up” “black behavior” and “attitudes towards the criminal justice system in these neighborhoods”? –

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    • You ask very good questions? Why does he rev it up? That’s exactly what his presence does. The community leaders were trying to keep it peaceful and Sharpton was revving up the charge. That’s the last thing they need. And to say that if this officer is acquitted, there will be riots on the streets like you’ve never seen before, just put that into the heads of every angry black person out there…. and made it “OK” to do it. He gave his stamp of approval by saying that. Ferguson doesn’t need the likes of Sharpton, or even AG Holder, for that matter, to come into their community and totally abolish the judicial system. And shame on anyone that would stand up for that.

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