Reflecting on the Tragedy in Ferguson: I’m tired of people like you, Mr. Granderson

Please, regardless if you are black or white, please read this to the end… please? It is very well written by A Future Free. Thank you!

A Future Free

I once had a Twitter argument with someone who – during the Trayvon Martin incident – wrote off my point of view almost immediately because I was just some white girl who didn’t know what it was like to walk around as a black person and fear for my life.

The man had a point, but certainly not the one he was trying to make with me.

According to the latest full-year FBI crime statistics compilation, 2,648 black Americans were murdered in the 2012 calendar year. Here’s the shocker: of the 2,648 black murder victims, 2,412 were murdered by a member of their own race. Just 193 of the killings were perpetrated by a white person. (Incidentally, in the same year, 480 more white Americans were murdered than black Americans.)

Louis Head, stepfather to 18-year-old Michael Brown who was fatally shot by police, holds a sign in Ferguson, Mo…

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5 thoughts on “Reflecting on the Tragedy in Ferguson: I’m tired of people like you, Mr. Granderson

  1. The truth is, black Americans are their own problem. They claim to hate racist, when they become racist themselves. They claim to hate injustice, when they were unjust to Mr. Zimmerman and Police Officer Wilson… they have too many kids outside of marriage, celebrate lack of education, use the “n” word they say they hate and worship race hustling fools like Al Sharpton. They should use Ben Carson and Clarance Thomas as models to respect.. and not foul mouthed, hating Rappers and communist celebrities.

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    • You are SO right! There are so many excellent good role models for them, Bill Cosby has been an eternal role model for the black community. You also mention Dr. Ben Carson, and Judge Clarence Thomas to look up to. There are many, many, in history they could emulate including Martin Luther King, Jr. But they prefer to live this way and blame the government, the white folks, the school system, anything but themselves. At what point does it occur to them that raising several children from several men while those men are out playing around, and the mothers are so in come cases, while the children are left to raise themselves. This makes for angry children before they even get to the point where they can put a name to it. They can’t say to their mother, “I’m angry because you’re never here to take care of us!” Or to ask, “Mom, who is my dad? Where is he?” The white folks leave those areas because of the way the community is. If they were all doing the same things, working hard to raise their families, discipline themselves to train up their children, respect each other, then white folks wouldn’t move out. So basically, the black community chased the white community out and then blames the white community for not being there.

      Then with their “protesting” and the so-called outsiders that ransacked so many stores. Do tell… how does this help the community? There are 3 black officers on the department. What stops any of the people of Ferguson from trying to get the job? Effort. That’s it. You have to put forth effort.

      Ferguson is just one of many areas like this in America. The only reason this was brought out was a white police office shot and killed a 300 lb uncompliant 18 yr old man. For some reason this made national news. It became a media circus.

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      • You’re correct… but liberalism and so “religious” ppl would call us “judging” and “racist”. They don’t want to hear the truth or the Truth. These radical black folks are racist in their views and vendetta against white people and America. They been fed hate and propaganda from birth… Democrats promote it and Liberalism demands it.

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        • You are right again. This is why they need real leaders to stand up and be good examples, mentors, etc. for these kids. The teens think they know everything already. They don’t expect to live to 25 yrs old due to gang banging, But somehow, someway, there has to be a change. I loved how Mrs. King, Dr. King’s niece spoke. She was a voice of calm and wisdom, as was the recently lost to us Maya Anjolu who always spoke of peace and responsibility and listening to one another and hearing each other and above all, listening to Him.

          And shame on the democrats and liberals who take advantage of this for their gain. If only the black community understood the history of democrats! I finally figured out why they follow after the democrats. But if they want to really understand the history of Democrats and the white hoods… they would never be Democrats!

          Now they are the racists and we are the suppressed? Well, I know that it is our tax dollars that pay for the food stamps, et al, and it isn’t just blacks that get them, don’t get me wrong. But it is generation after generation that stay in this rut. A precious few get out… There was a man in Louisiana who got out of the ghetto and became a self-made millionaire and went back to his home town area and built a beautiful apartment complex fully furnished with top of the line appliances, microwaves. dishwashers, washer and dryers. Within 6 months, the place looked just like what he came from. Throwing money at the problem doesn’t fix it. It isn’t a money problem, its an attitude/perspective problem.

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