Shame on POTUS, VPOTUS, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, ANYONE from the government…. no one. George W. Bush would have interrupted his vacation to meet this honorable Major General who served this country most of his life as his casket arrived in the U.S. and he would have attended his funeral and have spoken very highly of his honorable service. But that’s the difference of having someone in office who has worn a uniform and one who hasn’t. How can you be Commander-in-Chief if you’ve never worn a uniform? POTUS and the rest have not only disrespected Major General Greene and his family but they have disrespected every person who has ever worn a uniform or is in uniform now. Remember, this is the same POTUS who is sending pink slips to Captains in combat in Afghanistan. SHAMEFUL isn’t a harsh enough word.


11 thoughts on “Respect?

  1. This ‘commander in chief’ loaths the military, just as he loaths America, Conservative, the Constitution and Republicans. The only thing he adores is himself. The louse sent 3 deadbeat, government depends who works for him to the Brown funeral (a thug, bully and thief) … and NO one for the General. He and the Dems are just so shameless.

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    • You are so right, RightyPunditry. He is a narcissist who has no respect for the military, America, the Constitution (to which he took an oath 3 times to uphold) and he us supposedly an expert on the Constitution. I think he is a straw man.

      For them to send 3 representatives to the Michael Brown funeral who would NOT have been in college right now, but in jail for the strong-arm robbery even if he hadn’t had the confrontation with Officer Wilson.

      But sent NO representatives to Major General Greene’s funeral? What about the Department of Defense? Was he not available to attend this funeral and then order all flags be at half mast for the day of the funeral in honor of Major General Greene?

      You are right… shameless is about the strongest word we can find. And it still seems so inept.

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    • This is even a further dishonor to Major General Greene and his family and our Nation’s military. Don’t forget, Arlin, this is the same man that is sending pink slips to Captains in combat in Afghanistan! Shrinking our military while we need them the most. Who ever heard of a military personnel getting a pink slip? In my lifetime this is a first. And it is a shame! They just keep adding up and he just smile for the camera and waves as if there are people there. Shameful is not a powerful enough word but I cannot find one that is better that encompasses it all. I can say, though, that I am terrified for my grands and what will they have for a country? Will if be run by ISIS?

      I have the utmost respect for our men and women wearing uniforms serving this country now and in the past regardless of who the Commander-in-Chief is. They stand firm to their own convictions and they do their job. I respect and appreciate them all. I have family members that have been in the military and have seen war time, my step-father was in WWII and my son was in Iraq. My father managed to be in between wars while he serve in the Air Force and he lights up when he talks about it still today. He spent time in Greenland, that much I know. He served three times meaning he was discharged and then was reinstated 3 times. He loved his time in the Air Force and my step mother was in the WACs so even if I never wore a uniform, I have a lot of it around me.

      There should have been and order from the Commander-in-Chief that all flags will be flown at half mast the day of his funeral in his honor. But he didn’t even do that.

      He is shameful and so is his cabinet. I’m going to leave it at that.


      • Half mast, I keep having spelling errors all night……..
        You can’t be in the military to receive that honor from Obama. The death of Major General Greene was as good as giving him the pink slip in Obama’s mind.

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        • It is so shameful and disrespectful for the Commander-in-Chief to not have shown up but how about the Secretary of Defense? Couldn’t HE have represented the POTUS and ordered the flags be flown at half mast? It’s a damn shame that a man that served this country most of his life and is the first Major General to die in combat since Korea or Vietnam, I keep getting them mixed up. Either way, he deserved so much more from this government than he got. Even posthumously he can be given some honor. It truly breaks my heart how the Greene family must feel. My deepest sympathy and most deepest appreciation for his service and honor to Major General Greene. May his family find peace and then speak out to the Department of Defense and POTUS about how they dishonored their husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, uncle, etc.


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