Dive 264: Sea Lion Adventure!

You must take the time to see this video, and read what she wrote. It is so awe inspiring when you know the whole story. I will go back and reblog some of her past posts. They are just as precious and awe inspiring as this one. She shows us how to live and not how to complain about living! Thank you to Pink Tank Scuba for your blog!

Pink Tank Scuba

Dear Critters,

I celebrated finishing my first palliative Quad Shot of radiation on Friday with a very special dive treat on Saturday. Spunky Abe took LP, Julie Bear and me out on his boat to Chinaman’s Hat off Sorrento where it seemed the sea lions had been waiting all morning for some divers to come to play with them.

Upon arrival, maybe 60 animals lie lethargically on the deck of the large wooden structure, and you could be forgiven for thinking on first impression that the individuals that make up this blubbery, immobile mass are probably just too large and lazy to move. But underwater, these sea lions (not to be confused with seals that do not have external ear flaps) are feisty, fearless, inquisitive, boisterous and very loud, dancing with all the grace of Rudolf Nureyev in one moment, then fighting with all of Mike Tyson’s ethics the next.

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