Charlatan: Dem. Rep. Pays Interns ZERO, Gets Arrested At Protest For Fast Food Worker Pay

This woman is a Democratic representative in Wisconsin? What a freaking hypocrite! I will be writing to her myself even if I’m not her constituent. I wonder if she’ll be willing to pay $15.00 for a Happy Meal if this pay raise were to be given. It will put the fast food industry out of business. She is shameful and I am ashamed to say that I am from Wisconsin with people like this representing anyone in the state.

Thank you to tomfernandez28’s blog for posting this!

tomfernandez28's Blog

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By Robert Gehl
September 5, 2014

In West Milwaukee, there was one of those “fast food protests,” where employees strike and picket for a ludicrous $15 per hour. Libs love these sort of things, because it makes them look like they care at all about the poor – which they don’t.

Naturally, there were arrests and among those arrested was Wisconsin Rep. Gwen Moore. Rep. Moore was very proud of getting arrested. She posted it on Twitter several times.
The good lady and her spectacular glasses might be the biggest hypocrite in Congress – and I know that’s saying a lot.

For while the gentle lady from Wisconsin is out picketin’ and protestin’ about fast food workers making $15 per hour, she pays the entry-level workers in her congressional office considerably less.

Like zero.

Interns for her office are unpaid. They get nothing. Not one thin dime. Here’s what her…

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