Iowa Governor Defies Obama Illegal Agenda, Sends Immigrants Back Home

All the Governors should stand up like the Governor of Iowa did and do exactly what he did! Bravo!

Thank you to tomfernadez28’s blog for posting this for us!

tomfernandez28's Blog

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By Joseph R. Carducci
September 5, 2014

This is an item that might earn some self-righteous indignation from more than a few readers. Many people will claim that while they are certainly not in support of illegal immigration, we need to be compassionate and take care of those unaccompanied illegal alien minors who have been crossing our southern border in record numbers.

While this whole situation may be sad, that is exactly what Obama want us to feel. The hope is that he can influence public support so that these illegals will end up remaining in our country. This will not only put a huge dent in our economy and resources, but it will also be a direct path for these kids to later bring their parents and other family members into the US, adding more voters to the Democratic rolls. This is the gist of the Obama agenda.


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