Let’s Fight ISIL! President Obama’s Broad Coalition of One

Obama is all talk and no action because he is part of this… he is part of the Muslim Brotherhood! They are the pinnacle of all the jihadist groups! Read it for yourself.

Thank you to Rat Nation for putting this out!!!


7 thoughts on “Let’s Fight ISIL! President Obama’s Broad Coalition of One

  1. “He is a Muslim and that is why he doesn’t come out with anything of real consequence against ISIS.” My thinking exactly, Harley! Nice article. Did you guys notice his devil horns showing in the pic from his speech? LOL


    • He didn’t mention ISIS. He only spoke about ISIL. Just an FYI! He is not only a Muslim but he is part of the Muslim Brotherhood and they are the pinnacle of all the jihadist groups. So POTUS only spoke against ISIL… he never uses ISIS once. Now that’s not the case with Biden or any of the other people that speak out. They say ISIS because that is who is beheading the people on video. There is a difference between the two but I’m not quite sure how he is skirting around. Remember, it wasn’t long ago that he looked into the camera and said he had no plan against ISIS. That wasn’t him speaking to the Nations, he was speaking to ISIS. Then when he cane out to say he had a 40 country coalition that we will lead against ISIL he lied through his teeth. The Secretary of State said we had 11. At the time we had none. As of now, we have Australia, maybe France, and now maybe Saudi Arabia. That seems like 3 to me. But I’m not a politician and I cannot run numbers like they do!

      I just wanted to point out the difference of what POTUS said ISIL and what everyone else says ISIS.


        • I’m in an inpatient rehab facility. (Yes, a nursing home.) But its a really nice place. It all my life I never thought I would ever be able to recommend a nursing home but when I did my clinicians here for my CNA, I was truly impressed by how bright and clean and welcoming it was. There are three rooms that have different activities… well, two, unless you consider eating an activity! LOL The employees are all very kind and caring, which says a lot about the facility too. I have a shoulder surgery coming up next month on the 15th so I hope to be here long enough to rehab my should here as well so I don’t have to find rides several times a week! But they keep saying that we’ll see, you may not be here by then. I don’t know how I won’t since I don’t fee any better than I did before I came!

          Thanks for thinking of me! I appreciate that very much!


  2. Very well written, Harley! It is what I’ve been saying all along though I think people thought I was a bit nuts. Now he is revealing himself if you pay close attention. The first message he gave was “I have no plan against ISIS.” Everyone knows that the Southern border of the U.S. is wide open. Do you really think he was talking to the Nation? No, he was talking to ISIS. Then he comes out and gives his speech about going after ISIL only as the Congress agrees to show that the Americans back it and that he has a 40 country coalition. The Secretary of State said we had 11 countries. At the time, we had none. Now we have 2, and 1 is wishy washy (France). None of the Arab countries that are close and at eminent risk will not commit. POTUS has ruined this Nation’s reputation in the eyes of the World and now when we need them, they don’t trust him. That was his plan. This country will be invaded, when is the question. My guess is it will be close to when he is supposed to leave office so he can declare Martial Law and remain in office. I pray that I am wrong. Lord, let me be wrong.


  3. I watched his pathetic speach. He is a Muslim and that is why he doensn’t come out with anything of real consequence against ISIS. He always wants to wait for someone else to “join in”. We really have no allies in the middle east. If they are a Muslim country they are not and will not be our real friends. This is a religious war, not a political or financial, or economical war. They hate us and Israel and want to kill us all. If ISIS were defeated another group would take it’s place. That’s not to say we should go in full force to defeat them. We should, but with pathetic, Muslim Obama you know we aren’t going to.

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