Dive 280: Short and Sweet, Like Life Itself

Such an inspirational breath of fresh air in the midst of all the ugliness going on in the world. I hope you find this a pause for you in the midst of it all and show you that life still goes on even if it is been deemed terminal.  Thank you to Pink Tank Scuba for posting her dives!

Pink Tank Scuba

Dear Critters,

Is every dive extraordinary? No. And yes. This question is like asking, is every day extraordinary? Or is every breath extraordinary? Of course they are.

Some days and dives and breaths are more memorable than others, for reasons both bad and good. But a dive is a dive. And a day is a day. And a breath is a breath. And all are limited in number, whether we have been forced to live daily with this knowledge or not. Every dive and breath and day – no matter how ordinary or challenging or underwhelming –  is a precious and extraordinary blessing that should never be taken for granted.


I have always said that, for me, one minute underwater beats a year on land (which I suppose is a bold and bizarre statement from someone who has been told they have less than a year to live). By this definition…

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