Ferguson Riots the Cancer of Hate.

Thank you, Basharr, for putting this out here for us so we can reblog it! I hope every one does! The truth needs to gets out!

God bless you, Basharr,
Rhonda aka nanarhonda

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I know it probably has no meaning to you but you might want to think for a moment about the lives you are destroying in your quaint little town. You have destroyed the livelihood of many business owners, jobs of many of your own people and shown yourselves for the animals that you are. I have seen feral animals act with more understanding of right and wrong than I have seen from you. You have turned on your own and done it obviously quite willingly, you have destroyed any sense of community in favor of showing your true desire to destroy that which is not yours. You will be the first ones to complain when you have to pay for what you have done and most likely you will be the last ones to pitch in to rebuild what you have destroyed.

Do you honestly think you are doing something…

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One thought on “Ferguson Riots the Cancer of Hate.

  1. I think that the race card will be played by those with power in Washington. I don’t believe that anyone in Ferguson would play the race card on their own. Until this happened, they lived next door to white folks, as well as other ethnicities, without a problem. As a matter of fact, the one store that is determined to stay in Ferguson is owned by a man from the middle-east. He could easily move his store to a more safer place. But He said, “NO I WANT TO STAY HERE WITH YOU.” This is a man who is committed to his community. But that race card will be pull out again in Ferguson, MO. when Washington comes to Ferguson’s “aid” when the truth comes out that the officer defended himself and then got the radio on these two thugs and he attempted to call these to thugs back to his unit. Unfortuntately, we cannot protect those who serve and protect us. And then that race card will be played again again, by Washington. Such a shame.


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