Dive 260: Octopus, Shark, Ray & Dragons!

Another awesome dive from PT! She shares several wonderful species, and octopus, a shark, and a stingray! Keep praying for her so she can keep diving, the place she feels most alive, underwater! Let’s all agree in prayer that she defies the doctor’s prognosis, in the might Name of Jesus! AMEN

Pink Tank Scuba

Dear Critters,

Before every dive, my buddy LP and I make wishes for critters, and today’s dive at Flinders Pier definitely did not disappoint!

A stunning octopus was climbing a pylon; a draughtboard shark swam calmly across the weedy bottom.

Many weedy sea dragons swam in schools, while a large stingray swam around the pier in huge circles.

As always, LP was Critter Spotter Extraordinaire and yet again he was kind enough to share his amazing finds with me.

wm flinders octopus on pylon

According to my medical specialists, this little pink duck should be having daily radiation and weekly chemotherapy.

But I am totally convinced that in my game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, scuba beats chemo – and salt water is the best medicine of all.

Another fabulous dose of Vitamin Sea helps me to face another week ahead. Long Live Scuba! 🙂

Love and bubbles,

PT xxx

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3 thoughts on “Dive 260: Octopus, Shark, Ray & Dragons!

  1. Underwater life just blows me away! Ever wonder what God had in mind when he created some (or most) of the craziest looking, yet remarkable creatures of the ocean? Beautiful, alarming, freaky, and awesome for sure!!

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    • God had to have a lot of fun creating all of the creatures in the ocean and on the land. Think about it, in the Scriptures, He references ants… He knows the number of hairs on our head and I can stand on the sidewalk and watch the ants and can’t tell one from the other or count the hairs one just one ant! God is absolutely amazing, that is for sure!!!!

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