Majestic Manta Ray

PT’s encounter with the majestic manta ray!
Tank you, PT for sharing this with us! God bless you! Hugs xoxo

Pink Tank Scuba

Dear Critters,

When you have been told that you have less than a year to live, you do everything you can to cross as much as as possible off your Bucket List. This week, I spent four days on North Stradbroke Island (just off Brisbane in Queensland, Australia) with Spunky Abe in search of the majestic manta rays that inhabit the Bucket List of every scuba diver.


This post is just a small snippet of the extraordinary encounters I was privileged to have during my six dives to the Manta Bommie dive site. Manta rays come to this ‘cleaning station’ to have any parasites removed from their bodies by the smaller fish there to service them. When divers stay still and low and resist the urge to swim alongside these creatures, spooking them to swim away, the curious mantas will come very close indeed, absolutely dwarfing their human admirers.



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