I’m DONE with the GOP!


House re-elects Boehner as speaker over conservative opposition January 6, 2015 ~ Lorra B. http://lorrab.wordpress.com/2015/01/06/house-re-elects-boehner-as-speaker-over-conservative-opposition/comment-page-1/#comment-2347
House re-elects Boehner as speaker over conservative opposition
January 6, 2015 ~ Lorra B.

January 6, 2015 Associated Press| Rare: (Screen Shot Credit, Rare)


I have had it.  I’m done with my own Congressman that I have always held in high regard, with the utmost respect.  Congressman Paul Ryan really let me down when he voted to pass the Cromnibus.  And today, he voted for Boehner for Speaker of the House again.  Thank God my husband won’t let me support financially any party or candidate!

Let’s just recap the most recent lies that Speaker Boehner has told us:

“I’m suing the President…”

“I will fight him tooth and nail…”

“When you play with matches, you’re going to get burned.”

And he did exactly what the Senate did when they passed the Affordable Care Act.  Passed a 1700 page budget to the Senate, filled with pork, and it funded POTUS through the year.  How does he differ from Pelosi or Reid?  He doesn’t.

I called Capital Hill all afternoon long yesterday.  I got one ring, then nothing.  The phone lines were jammed!  People from all over the U.S. were trying to get ahold of their Representatives to request them not to put Boehner back in as Speaker.  When I finally got in and spoke to someone, she kindly put me through to my Congressman’s office.  Naturally, the office was closed so I was directed to leave a voice mail.  If you have ever tried to leave a voice mail at Capital Hill, it is quite a trick or I’m an imbecile.  I finally managed to leave a message.  But while I was waiting, I sent an email to him about the same thing.

I will be calling again today in hopes of actually speaking with him and letting him know that he has lost my vote and my loyalty since he never valued it in the first place.

I recommend that if you are unhappy about how things went today, you call Capital Hill as well.  202-224-3121 ask the operator to connect you to your Congressman.



8 thoughts on “I’m DONE with the GOP!

  1. I think it is important to understand that we live in an era of new politics and these politics are no longer geared to meeting the needs of “We The People”, our elected officials now rake in money on the stock market because of inside trading, they know what they are doing and how it will affect the market beforehand. They are allowed to vote down term limits, Insider trading and vote for huge spending bills that you and I along with future generations are going to have to foot the bill for.But you have to look at all the parties and ask yourself which party is the lessor evil? f anybody card for my opinion I would state with certain confidence that the democrat party have sold out lock stock and barrel to the far left. Our government is not a socialist model yet the Democrats continue to treat it as such. The Republicans for the better part of 6+ years have been shut down by Harry Reid, a man who has greatly harmed the design of our government by playing GOD and manipulating the system in a way our system was not meant to be treated. I aim the blame at the liberal left and the entire democrat party because they did not fight for the system to be used per the meaning and plan it was designed for. I will not give up on the GOP but I am watching and will give them a little rope, just enough to hang themselves if they step out of line. I want to see balance and flow, not continual chaos.

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    • We have a third choice, Basharr. The Constitution Party. They hold only to two things… the Bible written by Almighty God, and the bible written by our Forefathers. I encourage you to check them out. Even if they don’t stand a chance to win, at least we have a way to vote our conscience. http://www.constititionparty.com

      Blessing to you and your always,
      Rhonda aka nanarhonda


  2. All of these bright, wide-eyed new junior Senators and House Reps. that just were sworn in will have to stand up with strong personalities and suffer the consequences of not submitting to the Senior Senators, et al, or they will find out that the system the thought they were going to go and effect change for good, is corrupt more that they had ever believed, even though they had been told. This is how it goes.

    Hearing what was done to Gov. Huckabee when he was made Gov. after the Governor was to step down and that moved him up. He was locked out of his office. He was the first Republican in a very Democratic area, in a very Democratic office. So he had a small trailer brought in and set up in office there. He never complained once. He just did the job he was to do. The people were shocked that he did NOT exact any revenge against them but just continued to act as a Governor should. It earned their respect. I can’t remember how long he was in that trailer, but they unlocked the door, invited him in, welcomed him, and treated him very kindly like he had treated them. It was his Christian beliefs that prevented him from retaliating. Having not just been a Christian, but a pastor, and knowing that people are watching to see Christ in you everyday, not just on Sunday, he was readily prepared for this time of trial. Remember, this is the same place that Gov. Bill Clinton came from. I have never heard of any scandals associated to Gov. Mike Huckabee. I do believe he is making a mistake, for his own sake, leaving his job at Fox to assemble a possible run for office. The last time he ran, people wanted him to win, but didn’t vote for him because they didn’t think he could win against Hillary. Well, he can’t if you don’t VOTE for him! But after than, he landed a nice job at Fox and I though he really had a venue where he could do some good. Now, he’s gone from Fox and if he doesn’t run, I doubt he’ll be back at Fox. But he deserves to retire too. God has his ways!

    Sorry to run on and on, Harley, just thought it was 2 cents worth regarding the newly elected Republicans… but you got about 75 cents instead! You can keep the change! ❤


    • I am disappointed in Paul Ryan as well. I had a lot of respect for him in times past. I had never heard the story about Gov. Huckabee before. He is a real stand up guy as fas as I can tell. He or Dr. Ben Carson either one would make a great president. I have great respect for both of them.

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      • I think Dr. Ben Carson would be best suited for Surgeon General. He has flipped flopped on his stance on a few key issues regarding the 2nd Amendment Rights which doesn’t bode well with the GOP TEA Party folks, or me either. But I think he would make an excellent Surgeon General. My Gov. Scott Walker is going to run for the primaries. He will have Paul Ryan raising $$ for him. He will be eaten alive by the Unions across the Nation with are ALL DEMOCRATS and I really don’t think he is fully prepared for the numbers that will come out in opposition against him. He was bolstered by his State win, but that is 1 out of 50… and a lot of those union workers are out of work so they have nothing to do but follow him around and dog him. He isn’t really prepared for how many union people are in the U.S. They all band together, and in some ways, I admire that because those of us that have similar beliefs have no way to band together like the unions do. Not that I condone some of their actions, because the damage they did, I do NOT condone. Peaceful protest is acceptable, but I live in the town where the U.A.W. Local union was going to go on strike during a recession when so many people would have gladly taken their job for half the pay they were making! The A.M.C. plant was over 100 yrs. old and had just been awarded for the highest productivity. Then Chrysler came in, and in walks the head of Chrysler at the time (name escapes me now) and he said,”You can either get back to work or I’ll shut this plant down.” And the Union President decided without even talking with the membership, “Said we will not come back without discussing wage hikes, benefits, etc.” And the next day, there was a mass layoff, and the bulk of the plant was shut down. The U.A.W. Union Local President was completely responsible for that. He owned it. The membership was so pissed at him because he caused them to lose their jobs at a time when there were lines around the corners to fill your tank with gas! This was my first experience as a young adult with Unions. My step-father had been part of that union because he was an hourly worker at the plant. Most of those my age were brought up by parents that worked there. My bio father was a salaried employee, so he actually kept his job and was a significant part of the tear down of the Lakeshore Plant, the Iconic Skywalk from the factory to the upper administration, and the production portion part of the plant, the part where my step=father worked.
        Today, the entire place is dirt. Just dirt. Its all gone. And it makes me so sad. I have a picture of the iconic skywalk… I’ll find it and send it to you! Trucks would be loaded with cars, come out of the plant and drive away. The Lakeshore Plant was to load and unload ships from foreign lands. My step-father would pick up some overtime and work on the ships that would dock in Lake Michigan! We got to see a lot of cool ships with various flags! These were cars that were being exported. This was back in the days when our country valued capitalism, entrepreneurship, and being able to work hard, earn the benefits package as part of your wage (not like people think today that it is their RIGHT to have it), and to be able to provide for their families, and the families lived within their means. People rarely used credit cards. Loans were only taken out on homes and perhaps cars, but they usually had saved up much of the cost of the car first so they wouldn’t have to borrow much for it. People were too proud to go on what my step-dad (from the depression era) called “relief” which is now called ‘welfare.”
        I just think of Edith and Archie Bunker sitting at the piano singing, “Those were the days….” LOL


  3. I understand what you’re saying and I agree with you totally. Besides, how can anyone really understand what’s in a 1700 page document in order to give an inteligent vote in a short period of time? I would bet it never got read totally by anyone who voted on it. I think it was Herman Cane who said if a bill was over 10 pages long it was too long. I agree with him. No one is going to read thousands of pages of a bill before they vote on it and you know there is way too much pork in it if it’s that long.

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    • It is no different than what Pelosi did with the, what?… 20.000 page Affordabla Care Act. “We have to pass it to know what’s in it” mentality.

      And now Boehner is exacting revenge on those that did not vote for him. So he doesn’t believe in “the system” but the the power of the position.

        Those dissenters were doing what THEIR constituents wanted them to do which is ho how the system is supposed to work.

      Obviously, Boehner doesn’t believe in the system, you know, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, oh and the most important part… We, the People!


      • That’s for sure. In the end WE will pay the price for all those who don’t do what their constituents voted them in to do, which are most of our elected officials who have let the power of the possition go to their heads.

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