Truth of the Bible Code

And so this is… food for thought for those that are believers and can see the wars and rumors of wars, et al.  For those that are not believers, perhaps you might want to learn about this Jesus that gave His life so you could have everlasting life.

Thank you to The Harley Factor for posting this for us!

The Harley Factor

After reading the article from Joe Cruz on These Christian Times website, it reminded me about the Bible Code. I hadn’t thought about it in quite awhile. I was pretty excited about it when it first came out, but then it seemed like it became a sort of fortune telling tool about almost any frivolous thing under the sun so I put it on the back burner of spiritual things. Joe’s article rekindled my interest so I started checking it out again. I decided that who would know better about things under the sun than God himself, whether they are what I perceive as frivolous or important is not relevant. Is the Code real? I believe it is. Check out Joe’s article below:

When world renown mathematicians say it’s real and respected Bible teacher say it’s real, then I believe it’s real. In God’s word it says that in…

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