Email Paul | U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan

Email Paul | U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan.


Dear Congressman Ryan,

I have made NUMEROUS attempts to contact you, via email, phone calls to Capital Hill,leaving messages at Capital Hill even and have not received any response from you at all.

I have always held you in the highest regard, with the utmost respect.  I defended you veraciously toward others that would say anything untoward you.

And to find out that they were right all along was the most humiliating and eye-opening last part of this government for me.

The GOP did exactly what the Senate Democrats did when they passed the ACA 20,000 page document as Nancy Pelosi said into the microphone, “You have to pass it in order to know what’s in it.”

You passed the 1700 page budget bill, aptly named the “Cromnibus” bill, with no one having read it, full of pork, giving POTUS all he wanted, and YOU voted to pass it.

Strike #1

Your constituents desperately attempted to contact you to ask you to NOT vote for Boehner for Speaker of the House again.  Why, you ask?  I can give you his most recent lies prior to the vote:

“I am suing the President…”

“I will fight him tooth and nail…”

“If you play with matches, you’re going to get burned…”

He has NO spine to keep any of those threats.  I called all day Monday as the phone lines were literally jammed.  I finally got through after your office was closed and leaving a message on the phone service practically takes an act of God, but I finally managed to do it.  I called again, Tues. morning… again, the phone lines were totally jammed up.  I watched on my computer on C-Spann all of the votes and then when it came to you, you voted for him.   (However, apparently, he only has a spine against those GOP that voted against him.)  SHAME ON HIM!

Strike #2

I have blogged that photo of you patting him on the chest, all smiles. MY SOAPBOX, if you should care to see it.

Now I will no longer vote for any GOP member, except for my State Representative as she deserves it, because of you.

I guess being the 4th most powerful man in DC has gone to your head.

You don’t get a 3rd time at the bat.

A former faithful GOP voter,

<snipped for privacy>


Copyright 2015

(emphasis added to blog because it wasn’t available through his website.)

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