So now what, Glenn Beck? We did what you said to do…

Glenn Beck told all of his viewers to call Capital Hill, giving the phone number repeatedly, saying “to contact your Representatives and tell them that if they vote for Boehner, you will no longer have anything to do with the GOP!”

So all of his viewers did just that.  The phone lines were jammed so much that the phone would ring once and then nothing!  I called repeatedly all day long on Monday.  I finally got through at 5:00 CDT which is 7:00 EDT so his office was closed and I was to leave a message.  I don’t know if I’m just an imbecile or if this is a completely complicated system on purpose.  However, I managed to leave the message that Glenn Beck said for us to tell them.

I tried to call all morning before they were to vote.  The phone lines were totally jammed again!  This tells you just how many people watch Glenn Beck and the influence one man can have on a large number of people.

I watched the election on my computer.  I had to wait until the very end to see my Congressman vote.  He has already had strike one against him with the passing of the 1700 page budget bill aptly named the Crominbus bill.  He voted to pass it.  NO ONE READ IT.  They did exactly what the Democrats did when passing the 20,000 page ACA.  NO ONE HAD READ THAT EITHER!  But I digress.  I watched to see who he would vote for Speaker of the House.  He voted for Boehner.  That was strike two.  He doesn’t get a third time at bat.  I had held this man in the highest regard.  I had the utmost respect for him for years.  However, he is now the 4th most powerful man in DC!  He is now the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.  He has always been a member, but now he is in control.  Power has a way of corrupting even the best person of character.

So, now that we have all called our Representatives and said we would no longer have anything more to do with the GOP, no more votes from us, Glenn Beck and all of the people that have shows on his BlazeTV are talking all about GOP members!

GLENN BECK!  WHAT HAPPENED TO NOT HAVING ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE GOP ANYMORE?  Was that only for us?  You are exempt?  Are you speaking with a forked tongue?  What are we to do now?  We did what you said and you are stabbing all of us in the back by talking about which GOP member you might be able to support.  REALLY???  REALLY???

I have attempted to make contact with you, your show, your radio show, your Blaze, I’ve tweeted, but you have yourself sealed off from the public so you can say what you want and no one can hold you accountable.

So, all I can do it tell others what you have done, and perhaps they will see this and connect to say, hey, I feel the same way, and I don’t know what to do either.

I am watching you… I am waiting for you to respond to this.  You haven’t so far.  So many of your shows are old shows so its hard to even know what I’m watching is current or from the past.

Those of us that followed what you said are WAITING FOR WHAT TO DO NOW, GLENN BECK!


Do you read your tweets?  Do you read anything anyone send you?  I know, you get millions of responses a day.

I just heard you say you value us as listeners.  Prove it!


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