Why I Did Not Listen to the State of the Union Address


I give him 5 Pinocchio's for this speech!
I give him 5 Pinocchio’s for this speech!

Well, everyone should be listening to the State of the Union Address, right?  It was scheduled to be at 9:00pm EDT.  HE or HIS STAFF set the date and time.

I know that POTUS is always, and I mean always, late to the podium.  I tired of waiting so I took my iPad, and went into the bathroom to try to have a BM.

An hour and 11 minutes LATE, whilst sitting on the potty, I hear “Charlie Brown’s teacher’s voice” and then applause, more of “Charlie Brown’s teacher’s voice” and then more applause.  I must assume then that the man to whom is occupying (and I do mean occupying) the Oval Office, must have finally approached his podium.

I was playing Candy Crush and Soda Crush… still not advancing to the next level, ever so frustrating!!!  But much more pleasant than listening to someone that does not value OUR time, the REPORTERS’ time, the JOURNALISTS’ time, the PHOTOGRAPHERS’ time, and all those that have been waiting in attendance’ time.  This man that occupies the Oval Office has no respect for anyone but himself.

So, this is why I did not listen to what he had to say; I wearied in waiting for him to take his place at the podium.  NO OTHER PRESIDENT would have made the American public wait like this man does – ever.  Presidents have always been timely, honorable, respectful, dignified (even those that I didn’t vote for), but this man has none of these characteristics.

He has not upheld his Oath of Office that he has taken, not once, not twice, but thrice times.  He has sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United Stated of America.  He has been and continues to be derelict in this oath and yet there is no one, no person, no group, no authority that can or will stand up to him and hold him accountable.

I ask WHY?

The Congress will not hold him accountable.  We heard a bold Speaker Boehner last year say, “I’m suing the President…” and “I will fight him tooth and nail…” and finally, “If you play with matches, you are going to get burned…”  and he did nothing.  And the House RE-ELECTED this spineless man who gave POTUS everything he wanted.  This means that save the 24 that did not vote for Boehner (which he suddenly had a spine and used it to exact revenge against those that did not vote for him!) the Republicans are no different that the Democrats.  They are all corrupt from the ground up!

May I offer you a third option?

The Constitution Party


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2 thoughts on “Why I Did Not Listen to the State of the Union Address

    • Somehow I KNEW you would appreciate my assessment of the STUA! Of all the people that I know in the blogging world, you would be the one to appreciate the post most of all! 🙂


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