Bill Cosby Scheduled To Perform At Buell Theater In Denver

I am reblogging this because I believe that Dr. Bill Cosby is not guilty of the accusations against him. Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred can picket all she wants. I am one of those loyal fans and always will be.
Thank you to reasonablyliberal for posting this on his site for us.

OK, Fine.

Bill Cosby released a statement Thursday thanking fans who purchased tickets to see him live for their continued loyalty, despite the rape allegations that have tarnished his reputation.

The embattled comedian is scheduled to perform back-to-back standup comedy shows at Denver’s Buell Theater on Saturday, his first on U.S. soil this year.

“Dear Fans: I have thousands of loyal, patient and courageous fans that are going to leave their homes to enjoy an evening of laughter and return home feeling wonderful. I’m ready! … I thank you, the theatre staff, the event organizers and the Colorado Community for your continued support and coming to experience family, fun entertainment,” reads the statement, obtained by the Denver Post.

The message ends with a reference to his highly acclaimed “Fat Albert” cartoon series and 2013 special on Comedy Central: “Hey, hey, hey — I’m far from finished.”

Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, who represents…

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6 thoughts on “Bill Cosby Scheduled To Perform At Buell Theater In Denver

  1. Having been ‘abused’ myself, if he did not do this then his accusers should be charged. If he did do it, God help him. There is nothing worse to me than a woman who falsely accuses a man of such a despicable crime, of which they will carry around like a neon light over their head whether they did it or not. But, if he did, well….. sigh. I pray you are right.

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    • Here is my thinking on the whole subject…
      Why would a man of his infamous need to DRUG anyone to have sex with him? There would have been lines of women willing to do it willingly, young and old. He has always been a man of character. Why do you think that these women have suddenly come out now?

      He has spoken against the Rev. Al Sharpton’s of this country over the years. He has said to the black Americans that they need to get back to the morals of their families, telling the youth to pull their pants up, speak English so that people can understand you, clean yourself up, get your education in school, you are responsible for your own homework, your own grades. Then, get a JOB. Start out wherever will hire you, if its McDonald’s, or the grocery store, do an honest day’s work and earn your pay. Learn from it. Contribute to society instead of gang banging and killing each other and either going to prison or the grave.

      I believe this has been a planned and orchestrated attack against him over the course of several years. ALL the women are saying the same thing? REALLY? The famous Hollywood attorney is representing these women for something that is well past the legal statute for prosecution for rape. So its a smear campaign.

      That’s my take on it. If I’m wrong, and HE admits to it, I’ll stand corrected, but until then, this is my position. Rhonda

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      • I sooooooo hear ya, Rhonda. Innocent until proven otherwise!!

        This kind of situation is RARELY about sex. A person who does this kind of thing does it for the CONTROL. Most get off on the idea of a helpless individual they can manipulate, torture, plead or whatever other sick thing that comes to mind. The sex is an added bonus but it is the control and fear these type of people get off on.

        The fact that a bunch of women came forward saying the same thing sends a bit of a red flag because soooo much time has gone by. But, fear of someone keeps many from coming forward.

        Frankly, I dont think he did it. But being a rape victim, I can’t help but keep my antena up… 😊😊

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        • Lorra,
          I’m sorry that you were a victim of rape, and I know how you feel as I was also, though few know that.

          Nothing wrong with keeping your antenna up. Look at Michael Jackson… what did anyone believe about him? Personally, I believe he was quite guilty but the testimony of children are hard to prove and make excellent victims for that reason. But, again, I could very well be wrong. Also, what parent would leave their children to spend the night in the home of a man they don’t really know? I wouldn’t even if it was a STAR!

          Thank you for sharing, Lorra. I appreciate you very much!


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          • Oh, Rhonda! I’m truly sorry to hear that about you as well. It is a harsh world sometimes and so much more common than many would dare to believe.

            I, too, had the same thoughts about ‘The Gloved One!’ Very sad situation and truly messes with kids lives, forever.

            I’m a strong cookie and believe you to be as well, but the children….Boy, it just frosts my hind end! Grrrrr

            Thank YOU for sharing as well, nice to know we share a few common things that tend to bond.

            Have a great night and take good care my friend! 🙂

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