Seeking the Remnant Leaders

Where are candidates like this? He may not have been perfect, but he sought wisdom from God. This is the most important characteristic that should be something we look for in a President. He should be a man of God, the God of the Holy Bible, not the Q’ran. He should be a man of integrity, honor, dignity, respect, and character… none of which I have seen in a very long time. It’s all about who has the most money, wins. I pray that you will take the time to watch the video, remember what he said, let it pierce through to your heart as it did mine, as I am writing, I am still writing through tears. We need a Godly man in the Oval Office, one that will seek the wisdom of God and not listen to the enemy’s whisperings. Is there such a man?

Thank you to Bob Peck for posting this for me to share!


As a strict constitutionist, I may be able to find some faults with the Reagan administration, such as increased national debt or not always toeing a perfectly constitutional line, but I am reminded by this video that Ronald Reagan stands in stark contrast to today’s political leaders – most so called “conservatives” included – as a sincere Christian man who publicly acknowledged God and possessed that true form of patriotism that honestly sought the best interests of his country. I challenge you to watch the video, then ask yourself how many men you can name who possess this kind of spirit and character among those inside the beltway today, or in your state government, or your city, or…?

I’ve been honored to know a few men – very few – cut from similar cloth, mostly from my association with the Constitution Party. However, I’m hard pressed to name men of…

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