About ACT – Brigitte Gabrielle

About ACT.

Why am I so all about her?  Well, she is one woman who is out to make a difference!  I admire her courage, her tenacity, and her bravery.  She is doing things that I only wish I could do!

I will be sharing many of her videos.  I just watched her address the UN in 2012!  THE UNITED NATIONS!  There is no one in our government with the courage to do that!  She is speaking out against ISIS and speaking for Israel!  I agree with her wholeheartedly.  So you will be seeing more and more videos by her.  If you don’t like them, by pass them.  I will always put a comment area so you can send me a comment if you like.

nanarhonda ~ Copyright 2015

P.S.  The above link is to my local chapter.  If you are in Wisconsin… this is the place to connect to if you are interested.


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