Does Bill O’Reilly Have His Own Brian Williams Problem?



2 thoughts on “Does Bill O’Reilly Have His Own Brian Williams Problem?

  1. Basharr,
    You are 100% correct about truth vs. those who don’t want the truth to be told. But then be careful, Brian Williams had a very long successful career of storytelling.

    I, personally, don’t care for O’Reilly’s cockiness, arrogance, and overall rudeness. It isn’t his content, its his delivery. And then he will bring on the worst of all, Geraldo Rivera! OMGosh, that man belongs on MSNBC or CNN NOT FOX! He isn’t credible at all. (Rivera I’m mean.)

    Even though I dislike his delivery, I do end up watching him because I do love Hannity and I don’t mind the Kelly Files lately since she is going hard after Clinton. (hee hee) However, it gets redundant that every anchor repeats the same thing which is what others charge the media for. And I can’t blame them. I imagine that all the networks do it. Who knows when someone tunes in? So they repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat until you could vomit the ‘latest news’ yourself. Being that I have FOX NEWS on all day long, I can attest to the fact that every single anchor regurgitates the same ‘breaking news’ every hour or half hour depending on the show’s length. It is a legitimate charge to all media. And never mind reading your newspapers. Its all old news anyway and the local news could have been written by a 12 yr old in school who doesn’t know how to use spell-check! (At least that’s how our “Award-winning” newspaper is!)

    So, I do agree with you, Basharr. The left does not want the truth to be told. And it does get told from the rooftops at FOX… FAIR and BALANCED. They do bring in people from opposing sides to debate whatever topic is at hand. And now they have added FAIR and BALANCED and UNAFRAID. Good for them! Someone has to be!

    Blessings to you and your, Basharr!
    Rhonda aka nanarhonda 🙂


  2. The liars on the left will say and do anything.Bill is not where he is because he is a liar. He is where he is because year after year people know he delivers the truth. You don’t have to like him but people try to smear him because he tell it straight and we all know how the left wing hacks hate the TRUTH.

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