His battle with cancer is over… praying for his family to have that peace that passes all understanding.

Lt. Scott Schumacher

Kenosha firefighters honor fallen colleague

By Erik Bilstad. CREATED 4:00 AM

KENOSHA — Firefighters from across Wisconsin will honor Lt. Scott Schumacher on Thursday. Schumacher, 41, died last week after a long battle with cancer.
“His death is a significant blow to members of the Kenosha Fire Department,” Chief John Thomsen told 620 WTMJ.
Schumacher’s funeral begins Thursday at 10 a.m. at Carthage College.  A procession is expected around 1:30 p.m.
The cancer came from Schumacher’s work as a firefighter, according to Thomsen.
“If you are a firefighter and contract cancer, it is presumed that you (got it from) the exposure to carcinagins,” Thompson explained. “Scott was a non-smoker, he was atheletic, he was a very fit individual which makes it more tragic that an individual that kept such a good well being and understood the importance of wellness (would get sick).”

Schumacher left behind a wife and three children.


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