Clinton ‘Benghazi Group’ emails exposed

Clinton ‘Benghazi Group’ emails exposed

Mar. 06, 2015 – 3:35 – Buried in newly released State Department emails is strong evidence Hillary Clinton’s closest personal aides were running damage control within hours of the Benghazi attack


Greta is on the ball here as well!  This video is only 3:35.  There are so many emails that needed responses regarding to the location of Ambassador Chris Stevens.  He also had been asking for U.S. Security as it was becoming more hostile and he asked for help and received NO ANSWER.  I watched the men that went it regardless of the ‘stand down order’ that has been denounced now.  Had they been allowed to go in earlier, they feel they would have been able to secure the building and requesting helicopter rescue of the Ambassador.  Too many lies and very little truth from then Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, who dared to blame it on a video and  it had nothing to do with the video.
~ nanarhonda ~ copyright 2015


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