What State Dept. guidelines did Hillary Clinton violate?

What State Dept. guidelines did Hillary Clinton violate?

Mar. 11, 2015 – 7:17 – Shannen Coffin: What Clinton did was illegal




Megyn Kelly is on the ball with this!  The video is only 7:17 so its worth your time watching!

Now, will the State Department comply by producing the document “OF-109” that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did it sign it or if she did not… she is caught both ways!  She has broken Federal Laws each way and now the Democratic Party needs to find someone else because Hillary Clinton has broken the “OF-109” Law.  Keep in mind, this is the exact same thing that Leon Panetta was just hauled into court for.  Why do the Clintons have this “entitlement mentality” where the rules and laws apply to everyone else but them?  Catching up with you Hillary… 27 years worth finally catching up with you!  And its about damn time!
~ nanarhonda ~ copyright 2015


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