Sen. Dr. Rand Paul Interviews

First of all, I have to make it clear that I am not a Rand Paul supporter.

However, I feel that I have to speak out, in his defense, of how he is being portrayed in the media as of late.  It is quite ridiculous that he his harsh on women reporters/journalists.

Here, Sen. Dr. Rand Paul is criticized for ‘shooting’ the interviewer, however, if you will note, she did NOT give him a question, she made a statement and he wanted to correct the statement.  At the end of the interview, he was correct in how the media handles these things.  They need to come with questions that matter about the voting records, the bills, or the campaigns.  What she was doing was not right and it is exactly how ALL journalists and TV hosts are.  If it were Hillary Clinton being interviewed in this same way, and she responded in the same way, the outcome would be totally different.

Now here he is, criticized for correcting this interviewer for how she runs through a list at rapid fire, and he is trying to stop her because she is editorializing and not asking questions.  If she is going to INTERVIEW someone, she should ASK questions.  He has every right to stop the interview to be able to get a chance to ANSWER questions.  He has done nothing wrong here.  Again I say, if it were Hillary Clinton that were interviewed in the same way, and she responded in the same way, the outcome would be totally different.

~ nanarhonda ~ copyright 2015


12 thoughts on “Sen. Dr. Rand Paul Interviews

  1. Paul knows his chances are slim….he is doing everything he can to be the focus of attention…..after all he is the announced candidate and he has opened it up to all this scrutiny and pot shots…..don’t worry they will come after Clinton as soon as she announces……which in my opinion will be soon…..a week or less….

    BTW are you upset with In Saner Thought?

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    • No, not at all! Why do you ask? I have not been online for a while. Did you miss me?

      Paul is actually going against the ‘mainstream GOP establishment’ and the attack ads are actually funded by Jeb Bush and Karl Rove! They take a statement out of context, that was said in 2007, and paste in into something relevant today. Mudslinging has begun. To be honest, I think that a lot of Americans will support him. The platform of smaller government, TERM LIMITS (he almost won me on that one!), et al, are completely refreshing to the American people who feel that nothing matters. As I said, I am not a support of him. I listened to Ted Cruz’s CPAC speech. It was also very invigorating to the people. But I don’t think he will have the backbone to make it through, but Rand Paul does, IMO. I can see him going nose to nose with Clinton. Walker will fall flat on his face as his is also establishment wrapped in TEA party garb. (He’s my gov.) I am waiting to see if he really throughs his name in the ring or just backs off. I think, if he were smart, he would just back off, sit back in Madison, and continue to piss off people here and claim his “victories’ here. Just my opinion, though; too bad there isn’t someone to run against Clinton and what if she DOES get arrested or pulled out because of her antics? I know, I know, she’s a Clinton and the rules don’t apply to a Clinton! LOL

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      • I had not seen you much I thought you might be mad or something……

        Paul needs to think before he speaks….as long as he is one of few he will be targeted….at least for now…..of the couple that have announced he may have the best shot. Keep in mind all politicians during the primaries tell the voter what they want to hear not what they need to hear…..

        I wrote about a guy named Chafee that has said he is checking stuff out…..I like him because he was the only GOP member that voted against the Iraq war in 2002…..he has since joined the Dems but I may not hold that against him…..LOL

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        • I would never be mad at you, Chuq! You are, to me, a great friend and mentor. If I’m not around, its usually because I’m sick, or in this case, having to “clean up my sh!t around here” LOL Actually, I was going through so much of my ‘stuff’ and sorting out what was going and where. I have two beautiful oak organizers, one was filled with expensive makeup from QVC (I never wear much more than mascara and lipstick if I wear any at all) and the other was filled with expensive jewelry that I bought from QVC. SO, I had given all of the makeup to a friend and her daughter who does some sort of plays and the makeup was absolutely amazing to her and she watching closely what her mother is using! LOL Her mom also passed along a lot of the makeup and brushes (tons of those too) to others so she paid it forward and let me know how blessed everyone was. Then I told her that I was selling the two oak organizers at half price and I posted pics on her FB page. Well, in order to sell the other one, I had to empty the jewelry out of it. I kept some to pass to my granddaughters as they get older, when they get their ears pierced, but so much of it I am giving to these two lovely ladies who have always been so sweet to me. They are coming tomorrow. The oak organizers will be split up, unfortunately, but between mother and daughter and they are getting a great deal. SO, that’s why I was gone this time. I had a HUGE mess. Also, I went through my coin collection and only saved the ones that actually were worth saving. I had originally tried to save one of every coin for every decade I could to pass down to my grandchildren as one day they won’t be around (the coins). But, I decided to downsize and only keep what was worth keeping according to the mint. Anything 1964 or older is worth keeping (easy since I was born in ’64!) but it was an arduous task as I cannot see the dates very well and even with a magnifying glass I had trouble so I had to recruit my reluctant husband. I also only need one more quarter to finish the 3 states collections… and wouldn’t you know it, there wan’t a New Mexico in the entire lot?! LOL So, this time, I wasn’t sick. Thank God. I am still dealing with the shingles in my eye but it is getting better. I am so thankful because it is my ‘good’ eye!

          Glad to know someone missed me! 🙂

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          • Glad to know you are okay…..when my father died I had to go thru so much crap that he had saved……after a year and a half I am near the end of it…..take care of yourself……chuq


          • Oh, I can sympathize with you. When my stepmother passed, my biological father expected me to take all of her stuff and do something with it so I brought it all home, much to my husband’s chagrin, and I tediously took photos of all of her outfits, books, shoes, and sold them on eBay and gave the money to him, without taking out the fees. I found a $100 bill in a glove and he was totally shocked that I gave it to him. Like I would keep something that didn’t belong to me. This is because he doesn’t know me. I found someone to buy their silver set. This all took months and months. My husband was constantly asking me when we were going to get our family room back. I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I finally got rid of what I could online, there were some things I gave to my daughter, and other items went to the thrift store. I still have an old book that I think may be worth some money but I haven’t taken them time to look it up as it is out of sight, out of mind. Now the family room, is my living space. 😦 So, it looks awful. No longer the beautiful room it was as it has a hospital bed, a lift chair, and bins of clothes, boxes, etc. plus I am now selling books on Amazon and have to keep those separate from the ones on the shelves! Ahhh… too many irons in the fire! LOL

            You take care of yourself too, Chuq. If something truly bad happened to me, I would have my husband post on my behalf to let my blogger friends know that something happened or I passed or whatever. But, until then, I’m here to keep bugging you! Blessings, Rhonda

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          • I realize that my blogging is a full time job… I guess I am morbid or something but I have already written my obit and it is is draft all someone in the family has to do is hit the “publicize” button……

            Most of the stuff my father had was crap……he had a couple of diamond rings that I gave to my granddaughter to have when she gets older….he had a couple of expensive cameras that I gave to my daughter for she is the photog of the family…….just going thru the crap was so time consuming…….


          • I think that’s a brilliant idea! I think I will do the same thing! With all the things I am dealing with regarding my health, I may go to bed one night and not wake up. Its a simple truth. I am trying to either give to those people that I want to have stuff, or I have to start to write out who gets what because I have 9 grandchildren right now and the jewelry for the girls and how to divide it up, I’ve tried to let the families choose from my DVD collection, except the ones that I wanted to keep as they will get destroyed (I have Disney classics, etc.) and I will gift them later. I have things for my daughter for homeschooling when she is ready for it which will be soon as they are finally getting into U.S. history. (She started them out at a place that most schools don’t teach but it has given them a greater understanding. I wish she had been my teacher!) Just the rest is stuff my husband will deal with… thrift store! LOL

            The obit is not morbid at all, it is actually a great gift for your loved ones. I will emulate you in that later tonight! Brilliant man you are! Thanks, Chuq!

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          • Thanx for the pats on the back…..I just thought NO body would know what to say to my readers….just trying to make it easier on my family……


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