This Memorial Day, Deceased Veterans Considering Returning to Kick Ass

Thank you to E. Williams from The Barbed Wire for writing such a great article from the perspective of those who have given their ALL for us to enjoy what freedoms we still have to enjoy. You are losing them, people, and its happening right under your nose! AMERICA, BLESS GOD! ~ nanarhonda Copyright 2015

The Barbed Wire

HEAVEN (The Barbed Wire) – Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) on Sunday said the U.S. is breaking even against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“I don’t think we’re winning, but I wouldn’t say we’re losing either,” the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee told host Bob Schieffer on CBS’s “Face the Nation.   Well, isn’t that a slogan you’d like to have on your currency?

A stalemate between America and ISIS.  Is there anything more embarrassing? I mean, besides our current POTUS winning a second term?

On a day each year when millions of Americans take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices so many have made for us to be able to enjoy the freedoms we have today, those same soldiers who have already passed before us are wondering if they might need to come back and fight for us again. The consensus in Heaven seems to…

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Muslims Say Fallen U.S. Soldiers Should NOT Be Honored on Memorial Day

If the Muslims (CAIR) in The United States of America have the audacity to say this, THEN LEAVE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and go back into the hell-hole from whence you came!

I have had about enough of CAIR, Muslim Imam rhetoric in THIS Country, and a POTUS that encourages THEIR freedom of expression and freedom of religion while supressing OURS!

THIS IS YET ANOTHER VIOLATION OF OUR CONSTITUTION and POTUS HAS BEEN IN DERELICTION OF DUTY FOR 71/2 YEARS and NOT ONE PERSON IN DC has the courage to a damn thing about him or his corrupt administration!

Let it be known to you Muslims that would use OUR First Amendment to say such a thing that OUR SOLDIERS PAID THE PRICE FOR YOU TO SAY, OH, and to you ‘LONE WOLF’ ‘Radical’ Muslims, you are OUTNUMBERED and OUTGUNNED here in this Country and

We, the People, do not fear you!

~ nanarhonda
Copyright 2015

Memorial Day ~ Remembering those who gave their all for us.

This is what MEMORIAL DAY is about!

It’s not about barbecues and picnics!  It’s about remembering those who gave their ALL for us, for Country, for honor, for freedom.

As you enjoy your extended weekend ‘celebrations’ of the beginning of summer, PLEASE, at least pause for a moment, and remember those that have given their lives so you can live your lives with the freedoms you still have!  I would also ask that you teach your children and/or grandchildren what this day REALLY is about because if you don’t, who will?
Thank you and may America bless God!

~ nanarhonda
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10253792_724612834265515_3647338527581311122_nThank you to RIGHT WING NEWS for this photo!


Spc Robert Rieckhoff

Army Spc. Robert M. Rieckhoff Operation Iraqi Freedom 2010

In honor of my friend’s son, Spc. Robert Reickhoff , who gave his all.


In Memory of Vietnam VetsThe graphic says By Tribute To Our Soldiers

I, personally, have my own strong feelings about how our Nation treated then, and STILL treats our Vietnam Vets.  They have never received the respect that was due them.  They did the job they were sent to do.  And they did it with honor and distinction just like any other soldier has done before and after them.  (Sometimes, that homeless man or woman you try to ignore on the street, is a homeless Vietnam Vet with PTSD that has never been treated!)  

HOWEVER, as things are politically charged as they are today, they were just as much so and even WORSE then.  The same thing took place then as now; Hollywood know-it-alls that have NEVER WALKED A BLOCK let alone a mile in a soldiers boots, get on a platform, microphone in hand,
and spew their political rhetoric.

“If you can’t stand behind our Nation’s Military,

~ nanarhonda
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If the Flag of the United States of America offends you, then you’re in the WRONG Country!

StompingOnUSFlagThank you to Americans – Strong for this photo!


Seems like such a double standard… one is free expression and one is assault.

If the flag of the United States of America offends you and causes you to want to stomp on it, THEN LEAVE! There is nothing stopping you! OUR border is WIDE OPEN FOR YOU TO LEAVE!  Get out!!  Go!!!
~ nanarhonda
Copyright 2015

P.S. Title taken from Ken Davis’ DVD shot in Sheboygan, WI and stands true today!


This company (if you want to call it that) has only its own best interests in mind.  Naturally, most companies do.  They are in the business of making money.

HOWEVER, when you return an item (an electric guitar) with their OWN TAGS STILL ON IT, and all they give you is 1/2 of what you paid for it, and they will turn around and hang it right back up where it was in the first place and sell it to another person for $49.95, this smacks of a lack of integrity.  The man I spoke to said, “It has to go to the tech guy, he has to restring it, and then determine its value.”  I told him that he “is full of crap.  The guitar doesn’t need to go to a tech to be restrung, it wasn’t USED!  YOUR TAGS ARE STILL ON IT!  You will hang it right back up and sell it to someone else for the same price.  So why not give my husband back the full amount that he paid?”  “Our return policy is 7 days.”  Oh, and they charge a RESTOCKING FEE!  ROFLOL  To hang a guitar back on the rack!  What a freaking joke!

Exceptions can and are made all the time to policies.  In this case, there could have been made an exception with the guitar as it was clear that it had not been used.  Sure, the rest of the stuff, dock the price, but the guitar, they screwed my husband over on.  (Technically, I screwed him over as I had wanted it and he bought it for me as a birthday present, however, with the swelling in my hands, I cannot play it.  I’ll stick to the keyboard.)

(The tiny amp & the cable my husband probably had to pay HIM to take.)

I kept the book as I can sell it myself.  But how do you ship a guitar if you sell it on eBay?!  LOL


~ nanarhonda
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Decline of Manhood According to Judge Lynn Toler of DIVORCE COURT

THANK GOD someone has finally told the American black man what manhood is!  Good for her!
~ nanarhonda 2015

I Hope All of You Made Your Mother’s Day a Great One!

LoveYourMom Being a mother is the most difficult “job” in the world, however:
it is THE MOST REWARDING HONOR to have been given by God to be the keepers of His children; to raise them up in the way they shall go, to teach them according to His Word, to discipline yourself to train your children, to do this 24/7, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, no matter the circumstances life may bring.

The mother is the one who is charged with overcoming whatever challenges come her way. This is not an easy task and so many take it so lightly and even think of it as meaningless. It is SO meaningful because each mother is raising up the next generation of adults who will be leading OUR future. They will be the businessmen, the politicians, the school teachers, et al. She gets ONE DAY a year to be recognized for all that she does. 

Children and Parents

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with promise: “that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.” Ephesians 6:1-3 NKJV


(Psst, dads, there is a reason Mother’s Day comes before Father’s Day…
Just food for thought on that one.)

~ nanarhonda
Copyright 2015

Free to Choose ~ 1st Amendment


Free to choose

This is something that most people don’t seem to understand.
AND it also applies to their 1st Amendment rights. You have the right to free speech and free expression, but you also have the right to the consequences of those as well.
Once people accept those RESPONSIBILITIES, we will then be able to move forward instead of slipping backwards into anarchy.
Our Forefathers gave us a Republic that is BY the people, FOR the people, and OF the people. GOVERNMENT has TAKEN OVER these bequeathments from our Forefathers and We, the People, have took IDLY BY AND ALLOWED THEM TO DO IT! We have elected those that would take these items such as, LIFE, LIBERTY, and PROPERTY away from us. THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, ha. EPA and IRS are taking property away from people at phenomenal rates! Our LIBERTIES are being stripped one by one right under our noses and we collectively clap our hands! LIFE is being defined by government and the Supreme Court rather than as God defined it.
WAKE UP, AMERICA! We are no longer the UNITED STATES OF America… we are just AMERICA… haven’t you noticed? The only way to get back to being the United States of America once again is by having We, the People, coming TOGETHER as ONE, UNITED in one goal, preserving OUR COUNTRY! Secure out borders, restore our farmers’ ability to farm and produce our own food to sustain our own people instead of paying them to NOT farm so we can IMPORT foods that we can grow right here in our own country!
This is just a start, people! Who’s in?
~ nanarhonda
Copyright 2015

This is how America will get back to her heritage from her Founding Fathers

It’s when “We, the People” help others, and not the government, is when American will become the UNITED States of America again!
~ nanarhonda Copyright 2015