Free to Choose ~ 1st Amendment


Free to choose

This is something that most people don’t seem to understand.
AND it also applies to their 1st Amendment rights. You have the right to free speech and free expression, but you also have the right to the consequences of those as well.
Once people accept those RESPONSIBILITIES, we will then be able to move forward instead of slipping backwards into anarchy.
Our Forefathers gave us a Republic that is BY the people, FOR the people, and OF the people. GOVERNMENT has TAKEN OVER these bequeathments from our Forefathers and We, the People, have took IDLY BY AND ALLOWED THEM TO DO IT! We have elected those that would take these items such as, LIFE, LIBERTY, and PROPERTY away from us. THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, ha. EPA and IRS are taking property away from people at phenomenal rates! Our LIBERTIES are being stripped one by one right under our noses and we collectively clap our hands! LIFE is being defined by government and the Supreme Court rather than as God defined it.
WAKE UP, AMERICA! We are no longer the UNITED STATES OF America… we are just AMERICA… haven’t you noticed? The only way to get back to being the United States of America once again is by having We, the People, coming TOGETHER as ONE, UNITED in one goal, preserving OUR COUNTRY! Secure out borders, restore our farmers’ ability to farm and produce our own food to sustain our own people instead of paying them to NOT farm so we can IMPORT foods that we can grow right here in our own country!
This is just a start, people! Who’s in?
~ nanarhonda
Copyright 2015

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