Muslims Say Fallen U.S. Soldiers Should NOT Be Honored on Memorial Day

If the Muslims (CAIR) in The United States of America have the audacity to say this, THEN LEAVE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and go back into the hell-hole from whence you came!

I have had about enough of CAIR, Muslim Imam rhetoric in THIS Country, and a POTUS that encourages THEIR freedom of expression and freedom of religion while supressing OURS!

THIS IS YET ANOTHER VIOLATION OF OUR CONSTITUTION and POTUS HAS BEEN IN DERELICTION OF DUTY FOR 71/2 YEARS and NOT ONE PERSON IN DC has the courage to a damn thing about him or his corrupt administration!

Let it be known to you Muslims that would use OUR First Amendment to say such a thing that OUR SOLDIERS PAID THE PRICE FOR YOU TO SAY, OH, and to you ‘LONE WOLF’ ‘Radical’ Muslims, you are OUTNUMBERED and OUTGUNNED here in this Country and

We, the People, do not fear you!

~ nanarhonda
Copyright 2015

6 thoughts on “Muslims Say Fallen U.S. Soldiers Should NOT Be Honored on Memorial Day

    • Oh, she made me THAT angry as well! THAT’S why I posted it and said what I did! My husband said, “Great, now I’ll have to hire a body guard for you.” I said, “No you don’t!” I am NOT AFRAID OF THESE RADICAL TERRORISTS! Bring it! If they feel that THEIR life is more important in MY Country than MY life is in MY Country, my God will take care of them! I have no fear! And she will get hers, because she rejects Jesus the Christ as the Son of God as Her Savior. We can only pray that she somehow sees His light before her last breath or she will spend eternity in hell finding out that Our God IS GOD! (To quote the ‘defeated’ Pharaoh of Egypt in the MGM’s “The 10 Commandments” played by the late great Yule Brenner.) God bless you!!!

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