Citibank vs. Discover

Two years ago, I became disabled and unable to work.  I am unable to work from home, and unable to work because of my diagnoses.

While I was working, my paycheck went to paying for the credit card payments as I was the one that used them, so I felt I should be the one to pay for them.  All was well while I was working.

Since I have been unable to work, my dear husband has done all he can do stretch himself across all of the bills.  He pays for everything and now is trying to pay for the credit cards as well.

I celled Discover on Feb. 3rd and was told hat I needed to authorize them to take a one time withdrawl of $19 to make my account current.  Then, call back on Feb. 5th, and they could help.  But they couldn’t help unless the account was current.  (There was a check en route for $200 dated 2/3/2015)

I called Citiback.  They were very helpful.  I must say that the amount owed to Citibank is much less than owed to Discover, however, I have been with Discover much longer.  Though the interest rates are nearly the same by both of them.  I have an excellent interest rate of 11% by Discover and I have a 0% interest rate with Citibank as I am still under a transfer rate which was quite a long time deal.

Citibank worked with me, giving me the amount that I said my husband would be able to pay and it will be with 0% interest for 66 months.

Discover said they cannot help me as I have the lowest interest rate and they cannot help me any more than that.  I told them that my husband will file bankruptcy and I am trying to avoid that.  And they said that they cannot help me.

I told them that I blog and that I will be blogging about this.  She said that I can do whatever I feel is necessary, but they cannot help me.  I asked her, then you would rather my husband and I file bankruptcy instead of help me find a way to pay you?  She said you do what you feel you have to do.


To all of you that have a Discover Card IT… reconsider… Get a Citiband Simplicity Card!  Transfer your IT card balance to your Simplicity Card with Citibank..THEY care about their card holders and their hardships.  They will work with you.  Discover does not.