America Makes Bricks Without Straw

Excellent comparison and right on point! Thank you, Mr. Hood, State Chairman CPoW!
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Congressman Paul Ryan in yet another position of “Power & Prominence”… doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

This is an email that I received and I thought I would share with all of you since this came AFTER my questions and his responses (which I blogged about as well)) and he still doesn’t get it!  I told him on the messages that I left on his answering service in DC that because of HIM, I would no longer be voting GOP.  What does it take to get through to this man?  Of course, I unsubscribed after I copied and pasted this so I could share it with you.  Keep in mind, Chairman Reince Priebus lives literally a half mile away from me.  Congressman Paul Ryan is the entire reason I will never vote GOP again!  These are people that have been part of my voting influence for years.  Not anymore!  I now am interested in The Constitution Party ( and even if I have to write in a candidate, its better than voting for someone that I have to compromise my own values for!  Just wanted to let you know why I was posting this email!

It was an honor to be asked by Chairman Priebus to chair the Presidential Trust for the Republican National Committee, especially during such a transformational time for our Party.
Rhonda, the Presidential Trust is the most important resource our Party will have in the 2016 election. This fund will be used by the RNC to provide direct support to our Party’s eventual presidential nominee.
So I wanted to personally invite you to come on board as an early supporter of the Presidential Trust.
As you know, it’s going to be a long and tough battle to win back the White House. To be successful this cycle, we must be armed and ready early.
When I last served as Presidential Trust Chairman during the 2012 cycle, the RNC broke multiple fundraising records, outraising the DNC $390 million to $290 million.
This paved the way for all the great things we were able to do in the historic 2014 election. But we must keep going and growing to make 2016 our best year yet.
Republicans will be ready to offer new leadership and new ideas — and the RNC will be ready to provide our nominee the resources to win.
But it all depends on you, Rhonda. It depends on your commitment to victory. And it depends on your early investment in the trust.
Contribute today to the Presidential Trust.
Paul Ryan
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