White House Approaches Disney to Use ‘Frozen’ Movie for Latest Propaganda Move

And again, Disney is attacked for just making a successful, million dollar movie, its PRETEND for children, people, good grief!  Anything they can do to add to their false pretense of Global Warming, oops, its now, Climate Change, since the warming is simply .002 degrees Fahrenheit!  The polar bears are doing just fine and are actually quite prolific.  The ice caps are not melting as we have been lied to.  Al Gore should have to give back his Nobel Prize for his lies, but then, think about how much money, world-wide, has been collected based on his lie!

Thank you to The Barbed Wire Satire for posting this!

The Barbed Wire

WASHINGTON D.C. (The Barbed Wire) – In its latest attempt to scare school children about climate change, the White House is trying to pressure Disney into using the characters from the mega-hit movie, Frozen, in other films that would be used to show the growing dangers of climate change in the Arctic (if there were any).

State Department official, Robert Papp, has been putting the squeeze on the entertainment company saying, “Frozen has created a make believe icy kingdom where everything is fantastic and wonderful. We just want to take that same approach, with characters the kids have grown to love, and use it to scare the shit out of them. You know, polar bears dying, Eskimo villages flooding due to rising sea levels, that sort of stuff.”

Papp continued, “Since we deal with most problems using make believe ourselves, we thought it would be a natural fit. I…

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