WE THE PEOPLE and then there is everyone else!!!

Thank you, Arlin, for putting this out! The only thing I would say is, if this flag offends you, then leave this country!

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

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This is not from the Democratic Party (obviously), it’s not from the Republican, Libertarian, Independent or Tea Party.   We are Americans who are sick and tired of the direction people from these parties we trusted and elected have led us.   Saying the right things,  doing nothing and pretending to listen to us to get yourself elected, then acting in your own best interest is no longer acceptable.   You do not act upon the direction of and will of the people.   If we say jump, you better ask how high, but you don’t.

Republican leaders are putting up a false front…..they will do little to stop Obama from his out of control destructive agenda.   Immigration, the borders……you all defy the will of the people.   Elitist, wealthy, we’ve got ours politicians, have driven this country into the sewers.

American middle class and poor (I refuse to…

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This is true in every aspect of life, including politics people! Make your educated choice! Then VOTE your educated choice! Don’t do the opposite, which is still making a choice, but is being irresponsible with your very own citizenship and your own duties to our Nation!

Thanks to A Pondering Mind for posting this quote!