Well, its official! The Run for 2016!

Everyone thinks that the run begins when the exploratory committees are formed.

Truly, it really doesn’t begin until there are announcements for candidacy.

But it becomes OFFICIAL when the mudslinging begins! And it has!

There is an attack as against Sen. Dr. Rand Paul by Karl Rove & Jeb Bush! Bush hasn’t even announced his candidacy but he has the gall to go into cahoots with Rove to launch an attack ad!

The RNC, headed by Reince Prieibus, mailed, to all the media outlets, a thumb drive of Hillary’s emails.

Wouldn’t it be so refreshing, and actually worth paying attention to each candidate, if they each stuck to their own campaign?

Each person that puts their name in the “hat” for the run for any election would do well to simply focus their campaign on THEIR plans, their solutions, their answers to OUR questions.

No campaign should be “S/He who has raised the most money wins.” To be honest, it absolutely sickens me to see how much money gets spent during campaigns when our deficit is so enormous!

Every candidate should be available to the press, for answering questions, whether they like it or not. AND they should be available to answer questions from the people that come out to see/hear them while they travel to ‘get votes”

Each candidate should have a solid platform to run on.  They should be able to answer questions without having to refer to notes or being fed answers through an ear piece. Campaign managers aren’t the ones running for office so leave the candidate to answer for themselves!

What this country needs are solutions and plans on how to bring those solutions into fruition.

Mudslinging is for children and it doesn’t belong in politics!

~ nanarhonda
Copyright 2015

Hillary Clinton announces presidential run

Appears to be a phoenix rising...
Appears to be a phoenix rising…



She talks about “the deck is still in favor of those at the top”… Ummm… where does she place herself in that deck?  Oh, yeah, I forgot, she isn’t taking questions.

~ nanarhonda
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What State Dept. guidelines did Hillary Clinton violate?

What State Dept. guidelines did Hillary Clinton violate?

Mar. 11, 2015 – 7:17 – Shannen Coffin: What Clinton did was illegal




Megyn Kelly is on the ball with this!  The video is only 7:17 so its worth your time watching!

Now, will the State Department comply by producing the document “OF-109” that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did it sign it or if she did not… she is caught both ways!  She has broken Federal Laws each way and now the Democratic Party needs to find someone else because Hillary Clinton has broken the “OF-109” Law.  Keep in mind, this is the exact same thing that Leon Panetta was just hauled into court for.  Why do the Clintons have this “entitlement mentality” where the rules and laws apply to everyone else but them?  Catching up with you Hillary… 27 years worth finally catching up with you!  And its about damn time!
~ nanarhonda ~ copyright 2015