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Glenn Beck’s “Simple2Lose”

So I’m considered morbidly obese.  I had been watching the commercials on Fox News with the sickening Marie Osmond and her “I was 50 lbs. overweight, it was a rough day” line.  So, I eventually called them.

The minute they heard that I had chronic kidney disease they couldn’t help me. Click.

That’s ok… I didn’t want their crappy food anyway!

Well, then Fox News went dark since I have DISH Network.

Suddenly, I had Glenn Beck.  (Little did I know I already HAD Glenn Beck just a channel up!)

So now I hear about this Simple2Lose and how Glenn’s life was practically saved by it and how so many of the people they work with have been on it have lost so much weight.

So I call.  I almost instantly get an email from my “Health Coach” and I email her back and said that I would not be home until late afternoon the following day.

So she calls me the day after.  I begin to ask questions.  I explain that I am disabled and do not cook at all.  I go to the path of least resistance.  So she explained about the monthly costs so I got my husband to speak with her abut that as he is the one that has to find the money to pay for it. (I had already found out that they were willing to work with my kidney issues.)

So as she begins to ask me what I like to eat for breakfast, I tell her I usually don’t eat breakfast.  Oh. but I must eat within a 1/2 hour of waking. (I’m diabetic, and I still don’t do it.)  So she tells me about the eggs.  I ask her, so they are dehydrated and we just rehydrate them.  She said yes, but its just the whites, and we’ve added protein and vitamins.  I asked her why did you take the yolk, which is the God-given protein, and replace it with another protein?  I asked what protein are you replacing it with?  She said soy.  OK.  Now, we are getting somewhere and it isn’t to a good place.

So my next question is, are your products organic?  Are they non-gmo or gmo?  She had no idea what I was talking about.  Now keep in mind this is supposed to be my HEALTH coach.  So she fetches the nutritionist to answer my question.

The answer is: everything they sell has soy and everything has GMO products in it.

Deal breaker right there!

And yet, I hear Glenn Beck speak out against GMO products.  He has non-GMO seed commercial supporters.

So I guess he either didn’t ask the question, or he doesn’t care as long as he has the money to keep him on the air.

My guess. its the latter… more on that later.

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Glenn Beck and the influence of one man…

I want to just talk a moment about the influence that one person can have on us all.

Glenn Beck urged all of the listeners and those watching to call Capital Hill 202-224-3121 and contact your Representative that if they vote for Boehner, that you will not vote GOP ever again.

l can tell you that the phone lines were completely jammed for two days.  I finally got through the first day, after my Congressman’s office was closed, of course, and was given the option of leaving a message.  If you have every attempted to leave a message at Capital Hill, then you should just give it a try, or I’m just an imbecile because it was incredibly complicated; however, I finally left a message.

I attempted to call again the next morning prior to the vote.  Again, the phone lines were jammed.

I watch the votes on CSpan on my computer and I had to wait all the way to the end for my Congressman to give his vote.

That was the final deal-breaker for me.

See, I had once held my Congressman in the highest regard, with the utmost respect, and believed him to be an honorable man.  But in the process of just 1 week or so, he opened my eyes to what he really is… a gear in the political machine.

See, first he was made the 4th most powerful man in DC, being made the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.  (Thank you to SilentSoldier for that article.)

Second, the budget 1700 page budget bill, aptly named the Cromnibus bill, was passed without anyone reading it, filled with pork, and giving POTUS all that he wanted, my Congressman voted to pass it.

Third, he voted for Boehner as Speaker of the House again.  This man has LIED to the American People with the most recent lies being:

“I am suing the President..”

“I will fight him tooth and nail…”

“If you play with matches, you are going to get burned…”

He is spineless to keep his word to We, the People.  We, the People did not want him to be Speaker of the House again.  But our Reps did not listen to us.  We did not have representation.

Interestingly enough, spineless Speaker Boehner only has a spine when it comes to those GOP members that did not vote for him as his first order of business was to exact revenge against them.  SHAME ON HIM!  SHAME ON THE GOP!

There is absolutely no difference between the Liberal Left and the GOP – which also includes the TEA Party, btw.

So, everyone did as Glenn Beck asked.  We all called and we all said we will no longer have anything more to do with the GOP.

NOW, all we hear on his shows is who is running and who they will get behind and they are all GOP.

So the hypocrisy goes full circle?

I encourage GLENN BECK to respond.  I have attempted every way I know how to contact any and all ways through phone calls, emails, et al, and there is no way you can actually contact anyone affiliated with Glenn Beck.

I am watching Glenn Beck.  I have Dish Network.  I get him on his channel and on the former FOX News channel.  Yet I am not considered a subscriber?  Why?  I pay for the Dish Network the provides his programming for me.

What say you, Glenn Beck?


If anyone is interested, there IS a third option.  If you are a Bible-believing Christian and you believe in the Founding Fathers’ documents, let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to let you know of your other option!