Veterans: Unsung Heroes–LRRP

Here is a Vietnam Veteran’s perspective from his service and how he was treated. PLEASE take the time to watch the video, read his ‘testimony’.… these Veterans deserve much more than they ever received and there is no way to go back and do it again…. however, this can at least show you that they were not what the ‘protesters’ called them.

My most sincere appreciation to for trusting me to share this with you!

In Saner Thought

This post and accompanying video may not win any awards…but it helps me deal with some unresolved issues……

We hear all about the exploits of our special forces…..their bravery in the face of danger makes them heroes.  But in these days the public does not seem to care about our vets only when it is convenient for them.

I know not many will care enough to watch this lengthy video and that will be a shame….for these guys deserve better than that…….

We Americans are famous for labels……and hero is one word that I feel we throw around way too often…..this person or that unit is heroic.  Then there are what I call true heroes…unsung heroes because NO one knows of them and hears nothing of their duty.

For years I have been trying to find away to write about the guys I served with in Vietnam….I never could find…

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