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Welcome to “My Soapbox”!  My name is nanarhonda (because I have 10 grandchildren which you will find out more on the “About Me” page).  I am happy to have you visit.  Whether you have come from another site because of reblogging, or you stumbled upon me, I hope you find something to enjoy!

I do write once in a while.  I do, however, reblog from some very good bloggers out there.  There is a predominately political feel to this blog.  Though, I do try to interject some really wonderful things like the Dives from PT.  You HAVE to see those and read about her!

There should be a place for you to comment on each page so feel free.

However, I do have a few rules.
!.) Absolutely no foul language will be tolerated or posted as all posts are moderated.
2.) You are entitled to your opinion, but attacks on the authors will not be tolerated either, as they have the same right as you do.
3.) Please have a great time looking through all the posts that are on here!  Several author’s are here that I find very talented.  Leave a comment and your blog so I can visit too!  🙂

Blessings to all that visit,

Copyright 2014

11 thoughts on “Home Page

    • Thank you Pat! I want to keep up with you as well, but I cannot take the drama of Disqus anymore. I have been wasting too much time on the Politico Disqus board being beat from one side to the other and they think I’m a liberal! LOL Thanks for getting my message and responding so quickly! God bless!


    • Meghan,
      How blessed it is to receive this while I am still visiting your blog! I do have a website likepreciousfaith.info if you are ever interested in visiting it as well!

      May you see the Spirit of God touch the lives of more people than you ever imagined in 2015,


        • Meghan,
          I called it that because scripture says that we are to be of like precious faith. I welcome anyone that names the Name of Jesus, regardless of their denomination, or their lifestyle choices. If they are believers in Jesus Christ as their Savior, then who am I to judge? It is a place to find some encouragement. Some may be challenging, but if you will look up the scripture references you will find freedom! That’s how I found it! I went from a large denominational church to a small church with a pastor that taught instead of preached. At first it was so hard for me and I would think in my head, no, that’s not right, then look down at my Bible and I had it highlighted and underlined! But it was the meat of the Word I was choking on as I had been being fed the milk of the Word for so long. Does that make sense? The articles are all under pen names. My articles are under Beenblessed, my daughter’s are under Little Mama, as her family grew she wasn’t able to continue to write as she now has 7 children that she home schools! If you feel led to offer an article, you are most welcome to, just email it as an attachment to been blessed.nana@wi.rr.com!
          We all need what you are talking about which is why we are supposed to no forsake the meeting together as the Church. This need not be within 4 walls. So please know, if you ever feel that you need to talk, I am here for you, to listen, if you ask for advice, I will give it, but I give what needs to be heard not what is wanted to be heard because that is what someone that truly cares does. They speak the truth to help instead of speak what one wants to hear and leave them in the same condition. Does that make sense? What I do, I do out of love. Some of my friends have not received it well, even knowing that is how I am. Then I don’t hear from then for a while. But then they call back with the same problem again! Now all of my friends live in my computer! 🙂
          Blessings my dear,


          • Forgive me, Meghan,
            I didn’t give the correct emai address and the auto edit separates my “name”…. beenblessed.nana@gmail.com is the correct email address for submissions!\

            Again, my apologies as I just now saw that! I am trying to figure out what I did to disable my website but for the past 3 days it has been “down” where I have no access to it. Strange…

            At any rate, I wanted to correct the email issue!



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