GOOD NEWS Community Surprises Autistic Boy After No On

GOOD NEWS Community Surprises Autistic Boy After No One Attends His B-Day Party

FEB. 25, 2015//3:56PM   As seen on The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson 

Florida sheriff’s deputies and firefighters saved the day for an autistic boy after no one showed up for his birthday party.

Sixteen children skipped out on 6-year-old Glenn’s birthday party, thrown by his mother, Ashlee Buratti, in their hometown of Osceola, Florida.

Buratti shared her disappointment in a post on the Osceola community’s private Facebook page on Feb. 8.

“Probably one of the biggest hurts you can have to see [is] how let down your child is when nobody shows up for them,” Buratti wrote, according to WSVN.

Buratti was shocked when sheriff’s deputies, firefighters and other community officials came together a few days later to throw Glenn another birthday party.

Today on “The Real Story,” Gretchen Carlson spoke with two Osceola County Sheriff’s Department Deputies who were involved in the party planning.

Sgt. Daryl Cunningham told Carlson that he felt terrible when he saw the Facebook post about Glenn.

“I read an article where I saw Glenn smiling up in the air in a helicopter,” he said. “When I read the story, I found out it was our helicopter. I was real touched by the story. I have kids. I felt terrible for Glenn, I felt terrible for the family … I contacted Glenn’s mom and explained to her that there was something we wanted to do as an agency to help Glenn out.”

Cunningham said that several community members and officials got together to purchase Glenn gifts. He added that they brought motorcycles, fire trucks and other emergency vehicles to the party for the boy.

Sgt. Kris Brewer said that she called in a special request for Glenn because he loves helicopters.

“Being in the position that I’m in, I was able to make a phone call,” Brewer said. “I called the pilot that I had on duty and said, ‘Look, while you’re up flying, if you can fly over this address and just wave at Glenn, I think it would make his day.'”

Watch the heartwarming video above.


Euronews: Mafia Ring Busted

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It is quite possible that I am related to these Mafiosos! UGH! If they named names, I could tell…

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According to euronews, police in Rome recently have broken up a mafia drug ring arresting 26 people and seizing more than 600kg of cocaine and hashish. Those arrested were members of the infamous Ndrangheta mob group.

Anti-mafia magistrate Michele Prestipino says the Rome marketplace is strategic and helps mafia clans to accumulate criminal, political, and economic power.

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Child Care Proceedings Exposed

This happens in the U.S. as well, don’t kid yourself. As a former foster parent in our government’s system, I know all to well how it works; or better put, how it doesn’t work for the children it is supposed to be serving. This may be from another country… but make no mistakeit is already here and is active and it’s only going to get worse as the government feels they can do a better job of rearing your child than you can!


Euronews: Paris Massacre Suspects ‘Known To Security Services’

And so it is, the French and their stand in solidarity toward tolerance, created the perfect atmosphere for such violence. Law enforcement with no weapons, a country of tolerance, security services that knew about these men.  (Remember, this attack was over a completely inappropriate cartoon publication of Mohammad.)
Thank you to reasonablyliberal for posting this on his blog, Ok, Fine

OK, Fine.

Seven people related to the shooting suspects have been arrested in France.

Police released photos of the two French nationals believed to have been located in the Aisne region northeast of the capital: brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi.

They are said to have ‘trained in Yemen as assassins’ with links to terror groups going back 10 years.

Police sources said the seven people arrested were mostly acquaintances of the two main suspects. The French prime minister Manuel Valls confirmed the two brothers were known to security services.


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Ferguson Riots the Cancer of Hate.

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God bless you, Basharr,
Rhonda aka nanarhonda

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I know it probably has no meaning to you but you might want to think for a moment about the lives you are destroying in your quaint little town. You have destroyed the livelihood of many business owners, jobs of many of your own people and shown yourselves for the animals that you are. I have seen feral animals act with more understanding of right and wrong than I have seen from you. You have turned on your own and done it obviously quite willingly, you have destroyed any sense of community in favor of showing your true desire to destroy that which is not yours. You will be the first ones to complain when you have to pay for what you have done and most likely you will be the last ones to pitch in to rebuild what you have destroyed.

Do you honestly think you are doing something…

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