Now THIS is something I like to see!

Here is a man who will not increase the price and hurt the farmer to appease Mr. Wonderful, on The Shark Tank.  But he gets a shark who believes in what he is doing and partners with him!  God bless them both! ~ nanarhonda 


My Rebuttal to Elizabeth Warren’s “You didn’t build that on your own.”

I have to give credit where credit is due.  She is completely out of line in her comment when she said that because the person that build the business also paid taxes for the highways, and for the college educated employees (if they employ college level employees).

In my area we have several Big Pharma pharmacies like Walmart, Walgreens, Shopko, and CVS to name a few.  We had been a long time customer of Walgreens when we lived on the other side of town.  They were open 24 hours and they had a heavy volume of customers and they were ALWAYS polite, and helpful.

I actually wrote a letter to the corporation about their third shift pharmacist in regards to how he was always kind, helpful, and courteous no matter how busy he was.  What I did NOT know was that he was retiring and the company framed my letter and presented it to him!

When we moved, I was loathed to move to the local Walgreens as we had been with the other one for nearly 20 years and they knew us by name and as I said, they were a stellar crew no matter what shift you were dealing with.

After two years of driving across town with the gas prices soaring, we finally moved to the local one.  I cannot tell you the complete difference that it was.  The employees were curt, rushed, and nothing like their counterparts on the Southside at all and had nothing close to the volume of prescriptions to fill.

I actually went inside to speak to the pharmacist because they gave me the wrong medication.  (Now, if I had been an elderly woman who could not see very well, I would have taken it and it would have done harm to me.)  She was more than rude and would not take the medication back and give me the correct I went off on her.  At the time, my med list wasn’t what it is today but it was worth them keeping me as a customer, to which they did not.

We moved to the NEW CVS that had just been built across from the new Super Walmart and Sam’s Club. By this time, my conditions were getting worse.  I made my way all the way back to the pharmacy where the pharmacy tech saw that I was in distress and stopped what she was doing and filled my prescription right away.  She won my trust.  So we moved all of our prescriptions to the new CVS,

This CVS, after a few years of our being there, and I was now on multiple expensive medications that was probably employing one of the people in the store, decided to fire this one pharmacy tech for something very stupid.

She was immediately hired by a mom and pop’s pharmacy in town.  I called and spoke to the owner.  I told him that he did the best thing by hiring her as she will not only represent his business well, but several people will follow her.  I told him that I was going to move to his pharmacy and I told him my medications and he suggested that I move to the pharmacy that packages the meds in bubble packs.  And this pharmacy DELIVERS!  FOR FREE!  I cannot drive so I would have to wait until my dear busy husband would be able to pick up my meds.   

There are three locations in town.  He is at one, his son is the pharmacist at another, and his other son is about to graduate from college as a pharmacist and will manage the other one.  SO this Mom and Pop’s pharmacy where this man built his business is doing more for his customers that all of the big name pharmacies in town!

And he is very pleased with the lady he hired from CVS.  CVS lost a lot of money just in my 35 medications that I take on a daily basis, one of which I know costs over $800/mo.  I was a walking dollar sign that walked right out of their door and several other customers did as well!

So take that, Elizabeth Warren.  He built his business himself by doing what the patients need and his business grew from one to three!  Oh, and the name of the pharmacy?  Good Value Pharmacy!  I concur!

~ nanarhonda ~ copyright 2015