Who Should Americans Fear Most?

This man knows his stuff. He’s been around the block a few times and he knows all about the propaganda and the media and the governments partnership. Think about it. It is repeated by every news person in the same day. He is 100% right!! Thank you, lobotero, for sharing this with us!  
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In Saner Thought

The government and the media is traveling a road hand in hand……almost daily we are told of some situation that can fan the fires of fear.  The obvious is ISIS….but there have been many many others like Ebola, vaccinations, lone wolves, illegal immigrants and the beat goes on…….never fear……. (no pun intended)…….. there will be others depending on the news that is chosen to be reported.

My question is, since we will be sacred into submission, who should we fear the most?

Should we fear ISIS?  How about Russia?  Maybe it should be the “Lone Wolf”?  Let’s look beyond the obvious news and think of others……should it be immigrants?  How about the president? It is maybe same sex marriage…….. No, no, wait…..maybe it should be the government?  We Americans are told to fear a lot……and we do.

The answer to the question is simple…..they will fear whatever their news source…

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ICYMI: Ryan shares his vision for the 114th Congress

U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan - Serving Wisconsin's 1st District
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February 26, 2015

ICYMI: Ryan shares his vision for the 114th Congress

Earlier this week, First District Congressman Paul Ryan visited with newspapers across Southern Wisconsin to provide an update on his priorities for the 114thCongress.  During the meetings, Ryan shared his vision for building a healthy economy and addressing the various challenges facing our nation.  Here are some of the highlights from these discussions:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee Journal SentinelPaul Ryan reveling in policy, issues — and not the ’16 campaign

Ryan said he is eager to tackle issues on taxes and trade, where he is seeking “common ground” with the Obama administration.

Ryan recently led a Ways and Means Committee delegation on a three-nation trip to Asia. Ryan is hopeful for a successful conclusion to talks over a Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

“If we can get that kind of a trade agreement, that means we have more customers, more opportunities to make things here, grow things here and sell them overseas,” he said. “That’s the kind of thing we should do to open up job creation.”

Kenosha News

Kenosha NewsRyan sees common ground with president on trade

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan said Monday as chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee his top goals include finding common ground with President Barack Obama.

“I plan on rolling out ideas how we can do things differently … I need to show how I can do that, not just talk about it,” Ryan said.

During a visit to the Kenosha News, Ryan, R-Wis., cited trade promotion as the one area where he already has some agreement with Obama and therefore the greatest likelihood for bi-partisan action to position the U.S. as the most powerful player in the international arena.

Janesville Gazette

Janesville GazettePaul Ryan: Obamacare alternative plan in the works

Long-term, Ryan remains committed to creating a plan to replace Obamacare.

“It’s making people buy coverage they don’t need or want, it’s raising the cost of coverage, and then it’s just subsidizing that cost,” Ryan said, calling Obamacare “a long-term fiscal train wreck.”

Ryan said his solution would mean better prices, affordable coverage and a competitive marketplace.


I have unsubscribed from every way I can from both Congressman Paul Ryan, Gov. Scott Walker, and RNC Reince Priebus…. and yet I keep getting emails.  What in the world do I have to do to tell them
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CPoW calls for Constitutional Carry on school grounds and anywhere else

This is 100% correct! We, the People, have the 2nd Amendment Right, as law-abiding citizens, to obtain a concealed carry certificate and should be able to carry anywhere. This would certainly protect those that don’t have one and someone comes in to kill them! It has happened!
Thank you to CPoW for sharing this!  nanarhonda.com


This man I trust.  Read what he has written and let it sink in.  While it was written a while back, it is still applicable today.  Thanks to lobotero for sharing this!  nanarhonda

In Saner Thought

Let’s have some fun shall we…..what is life without a little whimsey?

Some call the terrorist organization ISIS for Islamic State In Iraq and Syria……the prez and his boyz want to use ISIL…..and the ‘bad guys’ want to be called IS, the Islamic State…….me?  I call them DA’ISH.  That is the acronym for their name in Arabic……al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi Iraq wa al-Sham, but only when I am corresponding with friends in the region.  For me ISIS works.

If the organization was not such an evil and brutal group it would be almost funny at the acronym problem….we Americans love our acronyms……..but why the massive confusion?

You’ve likely seen different names thrown around this summer in reference to the group that beheaded twoAmerican journalists and wreaked havoc in the Middle East. But which is the right one? Jonah Blank, formerly of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, tells NPR‘s Steve…

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Analyzing The Threat of ISIS to the US


President Obama Speech On ISIS/ISIL Terror Threat On 9-10-2014 Addresses The Nation From White House


A more complete version.  PLEASE CONTINUE TO NOTE HE ONLY SPEAKS ABOUT ISIL! There was no coalition at the time! And now, a year later, Yemen has been overthrown by ISIS, and Syria is next!
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Obama addresses the nation on ISIS


PLEASE NOTE HE IS SAYING ISIL, NOT ISIS.  When he talks about bringing home troops from Afghanistan, remember, HE sent PINK SLIPS to Captains in combat!  Have you EVER hear of any POTUS sending pink slips to any member of our military ever?!?!  INSANE!
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